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Review of Bernat Satin Yarn

Updated on February 13, 2012
Bernat Satin - The Softest Touch
Bernat Satin - The Softest Touch | Source

Review of Bernat Satin Yarn

Bernat satin yarn has been one of my favorite yarns over the last couple of years. The yarn has a nice satiny soft touch to it, and it looks great in just about any crochet project. It isn’t quite as stretchy as many other yarns, but it it great for any crocheted item where stretch isn’t a real necessity.

Not only does this yarn look and feel good, but it is also great to work with. It is durable and easy to care for.

I have used this yarn to make several ponchos, legwarmers and fingerless gloves. I have also used it for making scarves, neck warmers and other accessories. And because it is a medium weight yarn, the fabric drapes well. I find that using a larger hook with this yarn helps to make it even prettier.

One of the downfalls of this yarn is that it is slightly on the fuzzy side. The satiny finish of the yarn also tends to make the yarn a little slippery, which might make it more difficult for someone who is learning to crochet as the stitches don’t stay in place as well.

Bernat Satin is a popular yarn and you can find it in almost any department store. At least this is the case where I live as it is carried by Walmart, Zellers, and Len’s Mill. I am not sure whether or not Michael's carries it because I seldom go there. Michael’s is a great store, it’s just that I find it is more expensive and a little too far for me to drive on a regular basis.

Yarn Information At-A-Glance:

Weight: Medium (Category 4)
Recommended Hook Size:
Recommended Needle Size:
Crochet Gauge:
Not Available
Knitting Gauge:
18 sts and 24 rows = 4”/10cm
Available Colors:
47 colors, including solids and a few ombres.
Net Weight per Unit:
(Solids) 3.5oz/100g (Ombres) 2.80oz/80g
Length Per Unit:
(Solids) 182m/200yds (Ombres) 146m/160yds
100% Acrylic
Care Instructions:
Machine washable and dryable at low and delicate setting. Do not bleach, iron or dry clean.
Available At:
Most department stores, as well as online at Amazon and Ebay.

Bernat Satin Petite Lacy Poncho
Bernat Satin Petite Lacy Poncho | Source

Bernat Satin Petite Lacy Poncho

This lacy poncho is one of my favorite designs with this yarn. It is nice to wear around the house when you are relaxing or working at the computer as it helps you keep your back nice and warm. The pattern is a small size, but you could use a thicker yarn and larger hook in order to increase the size.

Bernat Satin Legwarmers
Bernat Satin Legwarmers | Source

Bernat Satin Legwarmers

Another pattern that I designed with this yarn are these legwarmers. When I first designed them, I made tons of them, and still have some in my closet. They are very durable, and you can wear them up or allow them to drop down around the ankles.


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    • Rhelena profile image

      Rhelena 5 years ago

      Myawn, Thank you! You should definitely try it if you can get your hands on it. It is so soft and holds up pretty good in the wash too.

    • myawn profile image

      myawn 5 years ago from Florida

      I like the leg warmers and the poncho. I have never used Satin but I will now give it a try. Very nice hub!I like that you make patterns too.

    • Rhelena profile image

      Rhelena 6 years ago

      You are very welcome PWalker. Hope you'll like the legwarmers as much as I do. :)

      And thanks again for the vote.

    • profile image

      PWalker281 6 years ago

      Thanks for the review, Rhelena, and double thanks for sharing links to the patterns. The shawl is very nice, but I really like those leg warmers. I'm going to give the pattern a try. Even here in Hawaii, and especially during the rainy season (i.e., fall/winter), my legs tend to get cold if I'm wearing shorts in the evening. I don't have the Bernat Satin on hand, but I do have lots of worsted weight yarn in my stash.

      Voted up and useful!

      P.S. Triple thanks for allowing crocheters to sell items made from your patterns!