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The World's Largest Stove and Other Photos from the Michigan State Fair

Updated on July 28, 2013

World's Largest Stove--Michigan State Fair

World's Largest Stove

They wouldn't let me take a picture of the World's Smallest Woman!

Pig racing was one of the most popular events at the fair.

Michigan State Fair Discontinued

Michigan State Fair Status

In 2010, the Michigan State Fair was discontinued until further notice. According to Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm, the state budget could not afford to continue funding the annual fair. In February of 2009, the budget was facing a deficit of $1.8 billion. The fair had reported several losses in a row prior to the decision to suspend it. In 2009 alone, the fair lost $362,000.3

As part of the suspension, the fair's operating authority was dissolved and the fair's general manager was terminated.2 Some of the former fair directors have held private rallies to try to keep the fair open, but they have not yet met with success.3 The Michigan State Fair will not be held in 2010.4 The fairgrounds are being considered for use as a city park or a commercial farm.5


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