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Reynold Brown - Legends of Movie Poster Art vol.1

Updated on July 7, 2017

A pictorial tribute to one of my favourite movie poster artists.

Reynold Brown was born in 1917 in Los Angeles. He produced over 250 movie posters between 1951 and 1970, many of them classics in the field. He also contributed artwork for numerous magazine illustrations as well as fine art pieces for the gallery art market.

He worked as an artist at North American Aviation during World War II, which was where he met his wife Mary Louise Tejeda, also an artist. After the war he illustrated magazines such as Saturday Evening Post, Argosy, Popular Science and Popular Aviation. He also drew many paperback book covers

He taught at the Art Center College of Design where he met the art director at Universal Pictures, Misha Kallis. Through Kallis, Brown began a career in film poster work, his first poster was for the Gregory Peck film The World in His Arms (1952). Brown's painting for the poster of John Wayne's The Alamo (1960) hung for many years at the actual Alamo in San Antonio, Texas.

Reynold Brown suffered a severe stroke in 1976 which left his left side paralyzed and ended his commercial work. But with the help of his wife he continued to paint landscapes until his death in 1991.

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    • Steve Lensman profile image

      Steve Lensman 5 years ago from London, England

      Hi there, a fine quality poster of Courtship of Eddies Father was worth $31 at Heritage Auctions, a mock up from the original artist should be worth more but how much I can't guess. A 1970 comic book of that movie fetched $262. You could try an auction house or scour ebay for similar items.

    • profile image

      Lacey 5 years ago

      Hi Steve~ I recently purchased The Courtship of Eddies Father at a 2nd hand store for $40. I believe it is the original artist mock up. Images are applicaed, letters are hand drawn and parts are colored with marker. Could you direct me to a good starting point on its possible worth? Thanks!

    • Steve Lensman profile image

      Steve Lensman 6 years ago from London, England

      Russ, I'm pretty sure youtube has the entire film on there somewhere if you don't mind watching it in 10min chunks and glorious vhs quality. Was it ever released on dvd? I don't know. Love the poster.

    • RussBGrant profile image

      RussBGrant 6 years ago from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

      I have to track down that "Goliath And The Vampires" movie!

    • Steve Lensman profile image

      Steve Lensman 6 years ago from London, England

      Thanks Clare. I thought I put up too many big pictures and I started resizing some of them. And than I noticed someone else had 55 pictures on their hub, so maybe I shouldn't have panicked. :)

    • Clare-Louise profile image

      Clare-Louise 6 years ago from Birmingham UK

      Hi Steve, thanks for sharing this information about Reynold Brown. I've seen those fantastic posters but never knew it was him who did it. Great article!

      ps if there is a way to put pictures side by side I haven't figured it out either.

    • Steve Lensman profile image

      Steve Lensman 6 years ago from London, England

      Thanks Cogerson appreciate your comments. I'm still a newbie at 'hubbing'. I couldn't find a way to display two smaller posters side by side, I can only post them top and bottom. And clicking on the poster doesn't give you the full size, you have to right click and "view image".

    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 6 years ago from Virginia

      Very cool hub, I am a movie buff, and I had never heard of him....thanks for increasing my movie is cool that he continued to work after his stroke....voted up and awesome