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Ring, Chit-Chat or Screech Art

Updated on August 25, 2017
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She is a children's author who enjoys art and loves to share notable artwork with you!

How to Go Sound Looking

Perhaps, you are wondering what sound looking is. Well it's an intuitive concept where you observantly go around sorting different pitches of sounds that are around you. If you are willing to give this experiment a try, then I encourage you to sit at a desk or go to a park setting with crayons, markers and paper or a canvas and paint with brushes. Then, relax and take a deep breath and let it out slowly.

You want to scout your area and try to visualize a picture in your mind's eye. See how the sounds you are hearing affect you.

  • Do they excite or bore you?
  • Are the sounds inspiring?
  • How do these sounds make you feel?
  • Can you visualize certain sounds in your mind?

You ears should be sharp and your hands loose in getting ready to color,or draw a picture. This is fun and you never know what type of drawing will be drawn until you get into your painting and artwork. Who knows it could turn into a masterpiece.

Slowly Move Your Eyes and Relax Before Beginning

Move your eyes in a relaxing manner and take deep breaths. If you can, slowly move your eyes from side to side, then turn them all around and up and down a few times. Do this at an even pace. This will help to get you in the mood for a sound looking examination and test by relaxing your visual eye.

If You're Annoyed by the Sounds About You, Then Quit

If you are not willing to go sound-looking, then stop. Look no further and don't try to continue to differentiate the differences between sounds. I won't be able to help you to go sound looking and becoming a sound artist. It would be best that you do not continue to read. You should stop reading this test, it might be frustrating. Drawing and painting should be fun, relaxing and inspiring not taxing.

It is obvious that you are not ready to go sound-looking or are curious enough yet. Perhaps, when you are in the mood you might be ready. That is totally cool, because this is your choice. I hope one day this story will spark and interest in you and you'll give it another try.

I love to write for children and compose articles regarding health, the Bible and fashion. You could try to draw a picture of one of my short stories or art you visualize in God's word.

What do you hear

Do you hear a stomp, a chitty-chatter, a motorboat, an engine, a train, a rattle like a babies toy, a calm whisper, something that gives you a dizzy-do, a key or the sound of the wind? That is the wind blowing against the leaves of the trees or sand.

Pick and sort the best sound that intrigues you among the sounds you are hearing. If it is a piece of music that is playing in the background that's fine, except, this would be cheating. You would be cutting corners in this experiment, since it would be easy to visualize the words of the song and draw a picture of it.

Computers have done this experiment with certain sounds and music, and robots have drawn various lines on paper. And the picture seems to be dancing on the painted pages. We are trying to achieve something far beyond the capabilities of a computer program.

For instance, can you draw a whisper, or a bang? This may be far-fetched, but it is the crux of the matter in sound looking. We can draw and paint a picture of things we see and feel. Except a picture of a certain sound is much more difficult, to visualize on paper much less paint it.

Would you write on a piece of paper the sound you heard

(stomp, chitty chatter, motorboat, engine, train, rattle, calm whisper, dizzy do, keys or the wind) or something else.


Try to draw a picture of that sound whatever it is you like with your markers, paint brush or crayons. It should be an art about the sound you chose on your special piece of paper or canvas. A ring, chit-chat or screech would be extremely interesting for example.

  • I hope your prized artwork is a colorful picture!


You feel like drawing another picture of a different sound then please do.

Sample Sound Looking Art

My art of people with glasses in the dark looking about trying to discern a certain sound. Okay, this test was too difficult for me and I cheated.
My art of people with glasses in the dark looking about trying to discern a certain sound. Okay, this test was too difficult for me and I cheated. | Source

If your picture was colorful, then you are a true artist

Now, to pass the test of ring, chit-chat or screech, please give your lovely picture to someone you love.

That's It

You passed this test of sound looking with flying colors. I hope the person you gave your sound looking picture to loved your art.

Picture Perfect Sound

I hope the person you gave your sound looking picture to loved your art.


Chapter 21, The Stern-Gerlach Experiment and Electron Spin- Schaum's Outline Series: Theory and Problems of Moder Physics


Do you love your picture?

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Computer Animation of Sound

© 2015 Sheila Craan


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  • GAES STEM profile image

    Governor's Academy for Engineering Studies 22 months ago from Chesterfield, Virginia

    Very literal people will have to learn to loosen up and go with it a bit. It might be a nice learning tool for them.

  • FlourishAnyway profile image

    FlourishAnyway 2 years ago from USA

    What an unusual hub. I liked your introduction how you warned people. Great technique.