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Rinse vase of fresh flowers longer help

Updated on May 5, 2016

Since flowers are cut off from the tree, it should be given immediately to the water before starting to wilt. The first advice of professionals is the need to clean jars or any objects you plan to use for flower arrangements.

"It sounds simple, but a little soap and water can do many things. By scouring jar or bottle, you are preventing bacterial and fungal attack your bouquet," explained Reactions.

And if careful, experts suggest that you scouring Reactions bottles / jars flowers and add fresh water daily to maximize the sterilization. All of us have been taught from childhood that the flowers need water to survive. However, you may not know they prefer a certain temperature level. The warm water has been degassed slightly toxic, meaning that emissions are kept in water, is ideal for flowers. To do this, you only need to pour warm water into the bottle / jar and let cool a few minutes, the water will automatically remove toxic gas.

Water quality also plays an important role for the survival of the flower. According to experts, the flowers were cut off slightly acidic hydrophilic, without too much fluoride or dissolved solids.

The next step is to keep the flowers fresh longer you have to provide them with nutrients. Normally, when you buy a bunch of flowers from a dedicated store, a small package is attached to the inside of the packaging or wrapping paper. Small package is essentially a weapon against these bacteria can corrode the flowers as well as provide them with nutrients. It contains bleach to disinfect, citric acid to lower the pH and sugar in water.

When carbohydrate depletion of flowers, it starts wilting and discoloration caused the petals. To prevent this, the sugar or glucose will cause flowers to become healthier and restore beauty. However, you should be careful because the microorganisms and bacteria and loving way, and that is why you do not put too much sugar in the water flower arrangement.


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