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Roasted Marshmallow Candle by Everyday Luxe - A Review

Updated on July 24, 2014

Roasted Marshmallow Candle by Everyday Luxe

This is the image of roasted marshmallow on this candle.  It makes you feel like you are right there!  It smells amazing.
This is the image of roasted marshmallow on this candle. It makes you feel like you are right there! It smells amazing.

Everyday Luxe's Roasted Marshmallow Candle

Purchasing this marshmallow smelling candle was a little risky for me at first. I had never burned a candle by the brand, "Everyday Luxe." In fact, I haven't seen really many reviews for this company either. Let me just say right off the top, that the way the candle smelled "cold", was simply amazing. I cannot really begin to explain how this candle smells, but I can try.

The "roasted" part, was there, but very subtle. For lack of better words, there is almost a creamy, handsome and smoky fragrance to this candle. It of course also holds the melting marshmallow fragrance, and I simply love this candle. There were a few things to consider however, besides the fragrance alone, and that is what I wanted to share most of all, besides the incredible fragrance it puts off.

Details of Roasted Marshmallow Candle by Everyday Luxe

Before I go into all of that detail about the candle's performance, I want to share some basics about it. This is a three wick candle that was 14.5 ounces. So not that big, and very similar in size and appearance to the Bath and Body Works candles that are so incredibly popular among candle lovers everywhere.

This amazing smelling candle however, was only 5.99 at Home Goods store. When I saw it, I was so excited and could only hope it smelled good. However, it smelled better than I imagined, and maybe better than the other marshmallow candles I have smelled in the past! This is saying something, by the way!

It comes with a silver lid, like many of the Bath and Body Works candles do as well. I couldn't help but wonder at the nearly identical design, if they are from the maker, or creator. I mean in a similar way we have seen that with discount makeup sold in drug stores and WalMart, vs. the higher end department stores in the nation. This could be a similar situation, but I just don't know. If fragrance is any indicator, the oils are very strong and impressive!

How Did Roasted Marshmallow Burn as a Candle?

I wish that I had a better report to give on this portion of the roasted marshmallow review. I want to be as fair as I can, however. First of all, the burn was uneven, because I noticed later on that the wicks weren't placed evenly apart. So it was absolutely going to burn poorly. This could have been the reason why it was at a discount store, however.

So the candle started burning uneven, and then the wicks began to drown in the melted wax. If I didn't do something, they would have been extinguished and I would have a loss on my hands. This candle however, was worth fighting for, to get that fragrance out of it. I will tell you what I did, and then give other suggestions as well for what to do in similar situations where wicks are drowning and you find yourself disappointed at the loss of a good candle.

When the wicks began to drown in their melted wax, I safely poured off some wax into a safe container, figuring burning some of the candle was better than burning none of it. Later, I could decide what to do with the left over wax, if anything. Or I could just dispose of it later as well.

This worked for a time, and I could burn and enjoy the ambiance and fragrance. This was short lived, and wicks began to drown each time. I found I had more wax leftover without wicks, than I ever anticipated. I then used this wax like melts or tarts on my tart warmer. This melted the wax which was poured into an empty glass holder, and I put that on the warmer. It worked like a charm.

So while this was a lot of work, it was a joy to enjoy the very yummy roasted marshmallow fragrance! I still love it!

Tips For Left Over Wax From a Candle

In this case of the extra wax with no wicks, I had a couple of ideas. You could use the above idea, of transferring the wax to a melt-able container, and melt it like a wax tart or melt.

The even easier idea is to get a larger candle warmer, like the kind they sell at Michael's craft store, or WalMart, and set the candle right on that melter. This melter needs to be wide enough to accommodate the diameter of the candle, but I am sure they sell those.

You can freeze and later pop or nudge out the cold wax, which shrinks just enough to make it pop out or nudged out. Then, you can reuse the candle container, or save the wax for a wax candle craft project. I think this is a very green idea, and makes use of our resources for something that is helpful and enjoyable in life, a candle!

My Best Suggestions for a Roasted Marshmallow Candle

I have a few tips for a three wick roasted marshmallow candle like this. First, make sure to look at the candle you are buying, and look at the wicks, how short they are, and their placement in the wax. They are kind of set where they are, and if some are looking way off balance, look for a better one in the selections before you. This will save you a lot of possible grief!

Make sure you like the smell on what is called, the "cold sniff." This is simply how the candle smells when you put it, or the lid, up to your nose. If you don't really like it, why not hold off for another scent you may really like later on?

Don't trim the wicks before burning! You can always trim the wicks later on, but you can never undo a wick trimming. So take it easy in that regard, or you might find you are losing the candle altogether. I use this as a standard rule for all my candles, and it has served me well.

Never trim closer than 1/4 of an inch. You can tell if you need to trim a wick especially, if you see black soot coming out, or black smoke from a large burning wick. Try to trim all three wicks as even as possible.

Always practice caution around any kind of flames or fire, and don't leave any lit candle unattended.

Finally, I would recommend this candle if the wicks were left alone, and were evenly spaced at the time of purchase. I wish every candle lover out there could smell this amazing candle, the fragrance is so good, its almost over the to.

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