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Rpg maker vx: Character Generator

Updated on May 16, 2010

This page is about easy-to-use tools that allow you to make new sprites. The rpg maker vx character generators below were created by Enterbrain and posted on the famitsu site. We've got a dandy little guide for how to use them too:

Not looking for sprites? You might want this character class generator instead!

How to use these generators

First off, leave them in the japanese language format. It won't be readable, but you can still use the chibi character generator. On the left, under the characterset preview, there's a button. Clicking it will download the currently created rpg maker vx character.

To the right of it is a section with a bunch of tabs. Clicking one will put that clothing, hairstyle or accessory on the chibi. Go through all the tabs and make the hero you desire! Only one item from each tab can be added to your rmvx chibi character in the generator. Want more? There's a few collections of all the materials saved on the internet somewhere which you can cram together in your favorite graphics editor.

Samples created with Famitsu's.
Samples created with Famitsu's.


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