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STAR WARS Fighter Pod 16 Figure pack

Updated on December 15, 2012

STAR WARS Fighter Pod 16 Figure pack

All little boys and girls want to become a superhero that they watch in television. They want fighting games that can provide them with interesting adventures; this is the main reason why these Star Wars fighter pod 16 figure packs are very popular these days. It is the most favorite and hottest toy for your children especially for little boys. Also, it could be a great gift for them. The set is not only comprised of vehicles but also a fighting game. The basic idea in fighter pod 16 is to use all pods for breaking down figures as many as you can. The sets are available in fighting themes that change around the Jedi Starfighter and Snows speeder. What you need to do is unscrew all sphere pods, place figures inside it and then explore it by throwing down your enemies.

Product specification:

So what could be better option for your boy than Start wars fighter pod 16 figure pack? It includes 16 figures with different pods and unique style vehicles in order to make the set like highly mobile and to spread out in a line. It has four hidden figures, four exclusive and stylish figures, two automobile and six pods in one pack.

Product description:

you can also get it for child above age 8 years too

Purpose of bTake is to skies over Naboo in Startfighter. Naboo is an important character in the Star wars episode. It arranges the Sleek Naboo start fighter in one position in order to fight against the Tarde federation clutches. The set offers different models in it including Naboo startfighter minimodel, model of Naboo, pilot minifigure naboo, blaster and display stand. Naboo planet diameter is 9cm while Naboo starfighter is 12 cm long.

Dimension for fighter pod 16 pack is 2.2 x 16 x 10 inches. It carries 12 ounces weight. You can also get the item for shipping outside the United State. The game is made for children between 4 and 8 years. As the game is very interesting and all little boys will love to play it so you can also get it for child above age 8 years too.

From where to buy the product:

Are you in search of best deal for Start wars fighter pod 16 figures pack? It is good idea to search on internet and compare different their prices on different website. There are few gaming websites that offer lower prices and shipment with free of cost. So you can check for information on online star wars stores and get the best offer with some discount.

STAR WARS Fighter Pod 16 Figure pack


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