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Subash Kumar : A Young Indian Artist

Updated on November 30, 2013
Subash Kumar
Subash Kumar | Source

Subash Kumar - A Promising Young Indian Artist

Subash Kumar is one of the young Indian painters who have secured his own place in the world of contemporary Indian art. This talented artist is recognized as a new face of Indian paintings with his soul stirring works which are ethnically vibrant in colors and techniques.

Subash Kumar and His Paintings


Subash Kumar's paintings - An Expression of the Burning Social and Cultural Issues

Subash Kumar's paintings are not indifferent to the burning social and cultural issues which are palpable in varied forms in all over the world. His brushes are always with those who are struggling to find their rightful place in the world. The discrimination and exploitation of women, and the pathetic state of the weaker sections of third world countries also are the subjects of his many works. The social isolation of the old and their emotional are the concern of his some works.

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An Artist Who Synthesis the Culture of East and West

Subash Kumar's paintings become a great synthesis of culture of east and west. It is observed that he is writing poetry with brushes and colors. The uniqueness of his paintings is that he does not follow any particular school of art or any isolated techniques.

Subash Kumar is creating his own path in the realm of creative art with his brushes and colours. His paintings are really in communion with the unseen and unheard manifestations of nature at the same time.


Subash Kumar's paintings - A Symbol of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Freedom

The medium of paintings is used to reinvent the cultural unity of the India where the diversities are aplenty in all spheres. Subash Kumar uses his creative pursuit to sketch the oneness of the human beings irrespective of color, race or region. He also attempts to transcend the human limitations of time and space. His works become a symbol of intrinsic and extrinsic freedom beyond barrenness.


The Eco and Mural Paintings

The influence of the tradition of mural paintings, and realistic painting can be recognised in his works. The eco paintings is another genre in which he specialises as many of his works have the reveberance of the cry of the mother earth by the exploitation of man. He uses the artefacts of impressionistic colours in his works to show the inner reality of the superficial life sketches. The uniqueness of his paintings lies in the representation of an utopian world for which as an artist he longs.



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