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Sara Moon paintings

Updated on November 1, 2011

Sara Moon

Give me a bid if you want to buy my girls
Give me a bid if you want to buy my girls

Painter Sara Moon

Have you seen these girls with the pensive look before?

The artist is Sara Moon. A long time nobody really knew who that was. There were speculations and guessings.

The Sara Moon lovers were many - so many they even had a site for memebers where you could exchange informations and comments. I think even buy and sell Sara Moon´s

After years of research "Sara Moon" was found. It turned out it was a man, an artist and his name is Bijan.

Another beautiful girl

The ones posted here are mine

The three Sara Moon paintings I have posted here above are all mine.

I have four of them on my bedroom wall. My husband bought them and loved them so much. Sometimes I feel a little sad because he is not alive any more. But I remember how proud he was when he carried his "little Sara Moon girls" home to me. He was also part of the Sara Moon group.

They are only copies but I dont care. I love my little girls.

Bijan himself

Comments or questions?

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    • irenemaria profile image

      irenemaria 5 years ago from Sweden

      Lamees - go to the first link I have posted. It goes to John D Moulton Sara Moon International Business Manager on redbubble. He might be able to help you - he helped me=)

    • profile image

      lamees 5 years ago

      i saw your painting in a garage sale today is, how would i know if its original, do you have one of each painting or more ..

    • irenemaria profile image

      irenemaria 6 years ago from Sweden

      Paul Ibbotson - this site is useful if you want to know about your print.

      I wrote them about my prints and got a nice answer back.

    • profile image

      paul ibbotson 6 years ago

      Hi i wonder if you can help

      i have just bought a large framed u/glass print/ painting of a girls face with her pet dog

      it is signed Sara Moon

      do you know of this?


    • profile image

      ed 7 years ago

      bijan is just a copy cat. sara moon is long past dead. most other pictures are wana-bees

    • profile image

      naiza1986 8 years ago

      This paintings are so amazing!

    • mulberry1 profile image

      mulberry1 8 years ago

      I can see why your husband loved these paintings, thank you for sharing them with us.