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Sasquatch Brother, Where Art Thou

Updated on September 19, 2011


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all rights reserved

Maybe a Second Cousin

With the increased number of Big Foot or Sasquatch sightings around our country and the world, There has to be an explanation abut this creature. Like a UFO, is it to be labeled an unidentified walking object, or UWO? The creature has been sighted over a wide range in North America and remote regions around the world in Asia, South America , and even Island Nations. There has to be some very real credibility given to the number of visual sightings and in those who are witnesses, seem to be very reputable, in most instances. The creature seems to be very wary and shy. It is often unaware that it is being watched. Few remains, if any, can be determined that this creature was the benefactor. Only a very few photographs and one or two cases of the animal having been captured on a movie reel have been provided to observe it. Many credible witnesses have been researchers and educated people and have taken foot castings and hair samples of the elusive creature. These hair samples have proven to be unlike human altogether and known gorilla or great ape species from around the planet. It seems to be an individual type of hair and belonging to a possible combination of the two species. This leads me to my theory about our creation and how we may be actually related to our Sasquatch brethren.

I accept the presentation of fact that we are all products of creation and a benevolent Creator.I feel that our Creator helped the species known as Sasquatch to genetically develop by engineering fertilization of the great ape species with those creatures we identify as Extraterrestrials. The resulting biological product was Sasquatch,Yeti,Big Foot, or Skunk Ape, as we have labeled the abundant creatures seen around the globe. It has been given countless names other than these four I have named, by native peoples from all the corners of the earth. My theory is that the resulting breeding of the Sasquatch and E.T.s produce what we now accept as a human. This is just a theory on my part and will have to be proven over time. I do in no means wish to infringe on theology or world religions and try to discount that we were all created by our God and some are resolute in believing that we have no kinship with the great apes. We were created in God's image, according to the scriptures of the Bible and I believe this wholeheartedly as well. The Lord works in mysterious ways and it is my theory that He may have created us in the way in which i described here. No one knows of our Creator's time schedule or how He may have created a man. We know that we were created and He saw that his creation was good.

I feel that E.T.s are one and the same of angels we read about in our scriptures. Our creator watches over us and sends the angels to help us and keep harm from coming to us. I also think that there are many kinds of E.T.s and some may have a darker purpose of contacting us on our planet. There have been drawn historical recordings of battles between the star people or several kinds of visitors from the stars. Some of the native peoples called these visitors the Sky People. Others regarded them as gods from above who came to help them in many ways. These records have been etched on cave walls, outcroppings, clay tablets and pottery and by diverse societies from civilizations throughout history. The people of Peru, India, China and other long lived civilizations have countless references to the sky people and all kinds of intervention with these.

Big Foot may be a classification of species all of its own. It may not have any relation to us as a human species. We may have been totally separate in our human engineering and created by our Benefactor, as many believe. I do think that there is more to the mystery of the origin of Sasquatch and the possible role of genetic changing that might have led to our having a direct link over the ages. I'll leave that subject up to researchers who take of this role of researching our genetic links. When all is said and done, we are all children of our God and nothing will ever change that fact. From one celled amoeba, or to developed human beings, God provided the building blocks and was the grand engineer of life on this planet.

Big Foot is a living creature to be respected just as the native people of our own country have said. We should allow it the privacy which it certainly seems to want in a very desperate way. All of God's creatures were made to live and receive the blessings of a life on this earth.


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    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 18 months ago from United States

      A little interruption of all seriousness and some fun. whonu

    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 5 years ago from United States

      I wrote this hub quite a while back and it still remains one of my favorites.