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Scrapblog - Your Online Scrapbook

Updated on March 8, 2013

I don't normally review websites, but this free service is a must-visit for anyone who likes doing scrapbooking. It's a combination blog and scrapbook, like a digital online scrapbook page that you can share. It's called Scrapblog.

What's awesome about this site, is the easy-to-use format for creating beautiful layouts and customizing them to suit you. Of course, these are digital layouts, something to be viewed and shared online rather than printed out.

There are 34 themed layouts to choose from, but there is further choice with 3-6 different variations of each one. The layouts are very attractive and range from babies, pets, school or just a neat looking scrapbook page. Or you can always start with a blank page and create something from scratch.

Each page has areas for your photos among the other decorations. Just upload them from your hard drive and pop them into the right spots. You can also add photos from a photobucket or flickr account. It can be a bit fussy to adjust the sizing of the photos if yours aren't the same proportions as the frame. Not a huge problem once you get the hang of it.

You can leave the original layout in place with your photos, or start adding embellishments, just like with a real scrapbook page. There are "stickers" with additional graphics that you can click on to add anywhere on the page, including over top your photos. You can rotate or resize the stickers to suit your mood. There are a dozen or more stickers available for each layout, to match the look of the page.

Besides stickers, you can put in text bubbles for any personal notes or journaling too. Nothing will add your personality more than your own words.

When you are done, you hit publish and your scrapblog page will be public to the world. You will need to register your information with the site before publishing though. They only require a name, email address and password.

The layouts are very attractive and the graphics are excellent. They have a nice 3D look to them, making them better than typical clipart graphics. Basically, they look like real scrapbook pages made with stickers and paper embellishments. Multiple pages can be displayed together in a slideshow format.

Shown below is an example of a page I created in less than 10 minutes. I started with a basic baby template, added pics and stickers, rearranged the existing stickers and added a quick text bubble. I did find it a little frustrating to get the extra pages in my layout deleted, and my photos don't show up on my page when I go back to the edit screen.

Overall, it's a quick and easy process. Might take a bit of experimenting to get all the tools mastered, but the results are worth it. Great for sharing photos with friends and family.


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    • profile image

      boppster 10 years ago

      Scrapblog is a great website. Was going to write a hubpage about it but you beat me to it.

    • eveklc profile image

      eveklc 10 years ago from Malaysia

      Hey! This is good. I loved it very much since I like to do scrapbooking in which until now I don't even have the chance to make one yet. I will when I get the change of it. Good work!