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Scrapbook Embellishments Are Wonderful Accents

Updated on August 23, 2009

Scrapbook Embellishments Add a Personal Touch to Your Album Pages

 Using scrapbook embellishments on your album pages makes them personal and unique. Scrapbook embellishments help create a custom look that can accentuate your theme or photos. The photo's are definitely the focus of the album, but it's fun to dress them up with flowers and stickers. Scrapbook embellishments can be described as anything used as a decorative item and can include stickers, brads, clips, ribbons, embroidery thread, die-cut shapes, eyelets, flowers, buttons, charms and chipboard. All of these elements bring creativity to scrapbook pages and other paper crafts.

When it comes to scrapbooking stickers, the possibilities are endless. They come in almost any style imaginable including 3-D, vellum, puffy foam, sparkles and many other designs. Also available are rub-ons, similar to stickers, which are great for adding artistic swirls or borders to a page.

With so many colors and styles, scrapbook sticker choices are infinite!
With so many colors and styles, scrapbook sticker choices are infinite!

Scrapbook Embellishments Include Creative Cut Outs

 Scrapbook die cuts are no longer the solid colored, plain shapes they used to be. You'll find them made of printed paper, clear acrylic and cardstock in a multitude of shapes from speech bubbles to alphabets to charms. These sophisticated cut outs add a finished look to each design.

Chipboard cut outs are made of light weight cardboard and come in many shapes that can be customized that add dimension to your designs. Cover them with paint or colorful paper for a bright touch. Scrapbook charms are another way to add 3-D elements. Made from plastic or metal, you can get flowers, butterflies or theme words to your album.

Brightly colored embellishments add a playful touch to any design!
Brightly colored embellishments add a playful touch to any design!

Attaching Your Scrapbook Embellishments Is Critical

 You're going to need some way to attach all these scrapbook embellishments and one way to do that is with brads or clips. Available in many colors or styles, these items are simple to use and extremely versatile. Other ways of attaching embellishments is to tie them on with colorful ribbon or string. Create an interesting focal point by framing a photo with pleated ribbon!

Buttons are great for adding accent colors or an extra bit of interest to a page. Use one as anchor for a tag or as attractive photo corners! Or swap the buttons for silk or dried flowers for an elegant touch.

Usually an eyelet is used to strengthen a hole in fabric or clothing, but recently they have been discovered as a useful decorative item for scrapbookers. They come in every color and even metallic finishes and are handy for securing items to the page.

Silk flowers and buttons make great photo corners!
Silk flowers and buttons make great photo corners!

Scrapbook Embellishments Are An Expression Of Your Style

 With so many shapes, sizes and colors to choose from, scrapbook embellishments add interest and personal touches to any scrapbook project. Have fun and experiment with different kinds and add your own style with ink, paper or paint. Scrapbook embellishments are great for other paper crafts as well. Keep a wide variety of them on hand to add uniqueness to any project!

Embellishments Add Color And Fun To A Scrapbook Page!

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