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Scrapbook Layouts With Kids: Beyond Birthdays and Holidays

Updated on April 7, 2008
Layout by rhondaleesteed on flickr
Layout by rhondaleesteed on flickr

Kids grow so quickly. They outgrow the cutest clothes, most beloved toys, some quirky habits, and even humorous vocabulary.

Taking time to scrapbook your child's special everyday moments will become meaningful even sooner than you think.

Don't let your precious memories fade into the past by exclusively documenting birthdays and holidays. While these topics are extremely important and monumental, you won't get the full story of your child unless you incorporate the everyday particulars of who they are. Include the little things that make them unique!

Try creating some of the following layouts:

  • Daily Routine

Photograph a "day in the life" of your child, from when they wake in the morning to when they go to bed at night.

  • Favorites

Document ever-changing favorites like toys, books, food and drink, TV shows, movies, music, school subjects, activities, games, etc.

  • Physical Traits

Take pictures of your child's hands, feet, noses-anything that is cute. You could even trace or paint a hand or foot each year and include it on a layout to show how your child has grown.

Does your child resemble a family member? Who and what characteristics do they share?

  • Personality

Is your child a Momma's Boy or Daddy's Girl? Is he or she a critical thinker, a dreamer, a go-getter? Maybe you have a Drama Queen or King on your hands, or even a Joker. Are they shy or outgoing? Levelheaded or hot tempered?

It's fun to take close-up pictures of the many emotions and moods of your child's face, and they will love making the faces for you!

  • Activities and Organizations

What is your child involved in outside of home and school? Are they members of the Girl or Boy Scouts? Does he or she play sports? Involved in cheerleading or becoming an actor? Take pictures at their next meeting, game, or production and include commentary from your child about what they enjoy about participating in these activities.

  • The Great Outdoors

What child doesn't like to play outside? There are countless things to do and many fun memories to capture. Document a trip to the zoo, pumpkin patch, lake, beach, or pool. Don't forget other outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, playing recreational sports, vacations, skiing, bug catching, tree climbing, swinging and sliding at the park, playing with neighborhood friends, or a family barbeque.

  • Your Family Tree

Let your child help you create a family tree. They will learn about their family roots and preserve history at the same time.

You can make an actual tree shape or a simple linear graph to show the relationships in your family.

Try to take photos of your child with each family member (your child with their grandmother, your child with their Uncle, etc.) You will cherish these long after they've passed.

  • School Life

Take a photo of the outside of your child's school. List their most and least liked subjects and include some of those leftover posed school pictures that you have so many of!

How does your child get to and from school each day? (Bus, car, walk, etc) These little details will help paint the picture of your child's daily life.

Don't forget about their artwork, school dances, plays, field trips, and of course graduation, whatever the grade may be.

  • Their Friends

Is your child a social butterfly? Does he or she have one great best friend? Describe your child's friendships, how they act together, and what activities they like. Added bonus: friendship layouts are usually fun to create and your child can help.

  • Pets

Capture the special bond your child has with a family pet. Your child is most likely emotionally attached and spends time playing with and feeding this other member of your family.

  • Their Style

What's your child's personal "style?" How do they dress? (This topic will, of course, range drastically if your child is a toddler or if they are a teen!) Is your child a fashionista or do they throw on whatever is available?

What about their hair? When it comes to style, your child's personality will show through!

Elaborate on whatever is "in" right now and it's guaranteed to be fun to look back on.

  • Your Child's Room

Is it messy or clean? Do they hang out in there a lot or prefer to be somewhere else? How is it decorated? What does it reflect about your child's personal style?

  • Your Child's Name

How did you come up with your child's name? Are they named after someone? What is the meaning of their name? Do they like their name? If they could change it, would they, and to what? What are their nicknames?

  • ABC Album

Create an ABC album about your child. Use the alphabet and think of words that remind you of them for each letter.

  • Your Goals, Hopes and Wishes for Your Child

Don't forget to include your feelings toward your child. Write a letter to them detailing your hopes and dreams for them to grow into a happy adult. You have permission to get a little mushy here, after all, you are their parent and they will cherish it for years to come.

It's easy to scrapbook the big events in your child's life, like birthdays and holidays. Try to incorporate these topics to reveal the entire spectrum of your child's life. You and your child will be grateful that you did.

Layout by AliceKoh on flickr
Layout by AliceKoh on flickr
Layout by MasonsMom
Layout by MasonsMom


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    • trusouldj profile image

      trusouldj 6 years ago from Indiana

      I like the idea of documenting the changes in likes and dislikes of toys and movies for the kids. Pretty cool.

    • JLClose profile image

      JLClose 7 years ago from OreGONE

      I love these ideas! I don't know whether the layouts are yours or not, but all three of them are great. Very nice!

    • love2scrap profile image

      love2scrap 8 years ago

      I just had to say that your layouts are awesome. The first one really caught my attention. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • abbey01 profile image

      abbey01 9 years ago

      Great article... Some good ideas for Invitations.:)I have written an article on "Party cards & Invitations" you may be interested in reading. Let me know what you think?