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Sketch Your Way to Better Scrapbook Pages

Updated on June 19, 2007


Written by: Jaclyn Popola

If I had discovered the beauty of sketching out my scrapbook pages before sitting down to actual create them, I wouldn't have wasted two years' worth of paper and material producing, well, crap. Maybe that's too harsh of a word--I take it back. Those years were a learning experience for me if nothing else, and if I hadn't went through them I wouldn't be able to produce the quality of pages I do now.

However, sketching out your pages if an extremely valuable and useful tool. There are two methods: sketching down ideas (either your own, or someone else's you saw in a magazine or on a website) and following simple templates. The first method speaks for itself. Get yourself a medium-sized sketchbook and carry it with you whenever you can. You never know when inspiration will hit! I make sure I have mine by my side when I'm flipping through a scrapbooking magazine or browsing a scrapbooking website. If I see a layout I like, I copy it down in my sketchbook detail for detail. I jot down what materials were used, and what colors were used as the background, photo mattings, etc. This helps me later so that when I am ready to create, I can refer back to the sketch and it will jog my memory.

The second method is what I'll be focusing on in this hub. There is a wealth of scrapbook templates available in books or on the web that can be useful to both the novice and expert cropper alike. I have spent years collecting sketches off the web, and I'm glad to share them with you. We'll start with one page sketches first...

1 PHOTO LAYOUTS -- 12" x 12"

2 PHOTO LAYOUTS -- 12" x 12"

3 PHOTO LAYOUTS -- 12" x 12"



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    • profile image

      yarntales 10 years ago from NY

      Personally, I don't think anything that you did was wasted. Did you re-scrap those two years of scrapbooking? I know I havne't rescrapped my first few pages, and I really doubt that I will. They show where I started. I've come a long way since I started. I grew in my craft, and I'm sure the same is true of you.

      I appreciate the sketches you shared. I would like to see more of your own sketches, and how you came up with them. Maybe a new hub to do?