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Scrapbooking Ideas for a Wedding Page

Updated on August 31, 2012
Bride in a bespoke wedding dress from Certain Style.
Bride in a bespoke wedding dress from Certain Style. | Source

Everyone saves souvenirs of their wedding, and most have a photograph album, but the great thing about a scrapbook is that it's a hybrid. It's not just about the pictures.

I think of a scrapbook as a story, and yes, every story needs pictures, but pictures alone? That's not a scrapbook!

When you're trying to create a scrapbook around a wedding, the temptation is to follow the format of a photo album, but that, in my view is a missed opportunity. You can create something really different with a scrapbook, just by deciding on the type of story you want to tell.

Can you follow one element of the event through several pages, or how about a double page spread about each one? Remember that albums open fairly flat, so opposite pages will be seen together. You can build them so that one page contains journaling and the other, pictures, or you can use identical backgrounds and borders to carry your design across the two pages, giving you more room to explore each topic.

Why the single blue rose? That's the sort of thing to record in a scrapbook
Why the single blue rose? That's the sort of thing to record in a scrapbook | Source

Scrapbook Idea for Brides: Follow the Flowers

If the bride really enjoys flowers, why not tell the story of the wedding flowers in your scrapbook pages? You might be surprised at how well that can work.

Title Page: A single flower picture, with the name of the bride and groom, date, time and place of the wedding.

Was there a wedding shower? If so, make a double page spread showing the flowers, who provided them, who arranged them and why they were chosen. If the groom proposed with flowers, you can also include a page about those.

Double Page spread: Show the wedding bouquet, a picture of florist (or the front page of their website) add a pressed flower, or a closeup of the details.

Double page spread: more about the bouquet and how and why the flowers were chosen. Things to include: the flower types, where they came from, the cost (this will be fascinating in 20 years) who made the bouquet, and why those flowers were chosen. Was it symbolism, price, practicaity, or has the bride always loved this type of flower, and if so, why? If there were magazine pictures which inspired the bouquet, include them!

Getting the Bouquet. For many brides, the first time they see the bouquet is the day of the wedding, when it arrives in a large box from the florist, but this is not always the case. Brides who buy silk flower bouquets see the result days or even weeks before. Greek brides receive their bouquet from the Groom just outside the church. Show how the bouquet arrived, and what the reaction was.

The bridesmaids flowers. Include the same details, trimmings from the bridesmaids dresses, why the colors were chosen, if possible get quotes from the bridesmaids about the flowers. Who made the bouquets and when.

The Grooms buttonhole. This could be another double page spread, showing the flower the groom and his best man wore. Did the groom request this flower or was it to match the bride's bouquet? Did it come from the same source? What was the symbolism of the chosen flower? If none, it's still a great reason for a picture of the groom alone or with his best man.

The Brides's Mother. In some places the bride's mother carries a tiny bouquet, in most she wears a beautiful corsage. Describe the design and the outfit she wore. How did the corsage come to be? Was it made from fresh or silk flowers, was it made by the florist? Who chose the flowers? Make a double page spread for each Mom, or for the Bride's Mother and the Groom's mother together.

Reception Arrangements. Show the tablecenters and pictures of the guests on several double page spreads. If you plan the scrapbook in advance, leave cards on the tables where guests can write their best wishes for the happy couple, then add them to the scrapbook. One pages can also include a menu.

Ceremony arrangements. Many couples choose elaborate floral arrangements for their ceremony. Show these and give reasons for their selection.

The Cake Top: Even if not made of flowers, this is a wedding decoration as well as a good reason to show a picture of the bride and groom cutting their cake. Describe the cake and the topper and record why it was chosen.

The toss bouquet. If the bride tosses her bouquet, record the details!

The honeymoon corsage. Most brides wear a corsage to depart on their honeymoon. Show a picture and record the details.

Honeyoon flowers. Were there flowers in the honeymoon suite? If so, keep one and press it for inclusion on this page.

The final page - First anniversary flowers mean that so far, everything is happy ever after!

How to Make Your Wedding Scrapbook Different: Follow the Food

Weddings seem to be surrounded by food, and why not? The sharing of food is a foundation of family and society. If you'd like to make a wedding scrapbook which is a little different, why not follow the food?

Did the groom propose over dinner? If so, where? What was the date and what was on the menu? You don't have to have a picture of the food.

Was there an engagement dinner or lunch? Include the details.

Was there a bridal shower? Include pictures, what sort of food was served? Who prepared it and why?

The rehearsal dinner. Who attended, what was served? Include the menu, but don't worry if you don't have pictures of the food, the guests are more important. If you have receipts showing the cost, add these. You'll find them interesting in future years.

Shopping. Did you have a memorable lunch with a girlfriend when buying the dress? Record the details!

The Reception. Who advised on what was to be served? How did you choose, where was it made, who by? Include all the details and pictures if possible. Did you try out the food in advance?

The Cake. Who made it. How was it decorated? What did it taste like? How and why was the choice made?

The Importance of Why

Think of a scrapbook as a letter to the future. In twenty years you'll still remember what sort of flowers you carried at your wedding, what you'll have forgotten is why. When you build a scrapbook include the what, but don't forget the why of everything. You'll be surprised how soon those details are forgotten, especially when you're busy living happily ever after.

Did You Make A Scrapbook for Your Wedding?

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