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Scrapbooking Is A Timeless Hobby

Updated on August 23, 2009

Showcase Your Memorabilia Through Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is the process of preserving or showcasing family photos, memories or events. A scrapbooking album is decorated artfully to display memorabilia, printed media and, most commonly, photographs. The hobby of collecting printed materials has been around since printing was invented but has only recently, in the last few decades, been elevated to a form of art. Since 1987, when the home-based retail business Creative Memories was founded, scrapbooking has become more popular than golf!

In the old days, scrapbooks were relatively plain, consisting mainly of photographs secured by photo mounting corners and perhaps a brief notation of when and where the picture was taken, as well as names of anyone pictured. Other items featured included letters, newspaper clippings, quotes, poems and recipes.

These days, scrapbooking is like artwork and can be simple and basic in style or a complicated design that is visually stunning. Scrapbooking enthusiasts aim to illustrate the mood or feelings associated with their photos or memories. Pictures are decorated or trimmed with all kinds of items. These decorations are referred to as scrapbooking embellishments and can include stickers, buttons, ribbons, brads, eyelets, charms and die-cut shapes.

Scrapbooks from long ago were not decorated in any way.
Scrapbooks from long ago were not decorated in any way.

Scrapbooking Is Inexpensive & Fun!

Getting started in scrapbooking can be relatively inexpensive with the purchase of a few basic supplies. The most common tools needed are scrapbook paper, pens, scrapbooking scissors, photos, scrapbooking adhesive and a scrapbook album. As your technique improves, and you progress to more elaborate themes and designs, you may want to consider other scrapbooking materials such as stencils, die-cutters, templates, stickers and other decorative items. Just keep in mind, this fun hobby can quickly start costing hundreds of dollars!

Many terms are used to describe scrapbooking products and supplies, with the most common term being "acid-free." Paper products contain different amounts of acid that can be harmful when trying to preserve photos or memorabilia. Acid-free signifies that the paper acidity is balanced, making it safe to use in scrapbooking. When purchasing other scrapbooking materials such as pens or adhesives, check the labels for terms like "archival safe" or "photo safe", which also indicates the product is safe to use on photos.

Other damaging qualities to watch for are polyvinylchloride (PVC), a chemical found in some vinyl sheet protectors, and lignin, a bonding agent found in wood that can cause newspaper to become brittle and yellow. If you do wish to use a newspaper clipping, photocopy it onto photo safe paper first.

Everything in a scrapbooking kit should be acid-free, but always double check!
Everything in a scrapbooking kit should be acid-free, but always double check!

The Layout You Use In Scrapbooking Is Up To Your Imagination

 Cropping a photo means to cut or trim it to remove unwanted details or to change the photo's aspect ratio. If a photo contains excess background you'll want to crop it in order to accentuate the main image. More recently "cropping", or a crop, has been adapted as a term to describe a group of people who have gathered to do scrapbooking, similar to a quilting-bee.

The best way to begin a scrapbooking design is with a layout. Position all your pieces in the proper places before adhering them to the page. This will save you a lot of hassle if you need to rearrange anything.

Matting is a quick and easy way to add a border to your photo. The border can be any width you desire and can be enhanced with the use of scrapbooking scissors for a decorative edge.

Lined journaling stickers are easy to use and add a personal note or story to every page.
Lined journaling stickers are easy to use and add a personal note or story to every page.

Scrapbooking Journaling Adds Another Dimension

Scrapbook journaling describes writing a story about the photo or event being displayed. It can be a full page, a paragraph, a couple of sentences or just a title. This can be done on a separate piece of paper that is trimmed and adhered to the page, or you can do it in handwriting for a personal touch. If you're not fond of your handwriting you can still add some journaling by printing it from a computer and then adding it to your layout.

With so many techniques and materials available, you can add style and personality to every page of your scrapbook album!

A Look At Scrapbooks Throughout History

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