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Scrapbooking: Layout Ideas Without Kids

Updated on August 27, 2012

Whether or not you have children...

...sometimes you just need to create some layouts about yourself, the other members of your family, or the events that surround your life.

Before I had my son, I must admit I'd get a little frustrated with all of the kid's layouts I saw everywhere. All of the scrapbooking magazines and websites and even some of my friends and family were all scrapbooking cutesy children's topics. I created the occasional page about my niece and nephew, but I was in constant search for ideas for layouts that did not have to do with children. I ended up filling about ten scrapbooks full of pages such as these.


Document the life of a beloved furry family member and how they make you happy. What is your pet's personality? How did the animal become your pet? Do they have funny little quirks?


This one's a given, but don't forget the more obscure holidays such as St. Patrick's Day, Memorial Day, or MLK Day. Any holiday that has special meaning to you or your family is worth documenting. Try focusing on your family's traditions and what the holiday truly means to you.

Spouse or Significant Other

We sometimes unintentionally exclude our significant others when Scrapbooking, for some reason. I know my husband's face only graces a few of my layouts. Try documenting why he or she means so much to you, your proposal, a great date you went on, how you met, or even things that annoy you about him or her, like snoring!

Weddings and Bridal Showers

Weddings are beautiful and they are so much fun to attend-from the entrance of the bride, to busting a move on the reception dance floor. New beginnings are always a great subject for scrapbooks. Don't forget to include a napkin, program or other special memento from the ceremony.

Did you attend the Bridal Shower? Make a layout focusing on the Bride and what her friendship means to you.

Your Collections

Do you collect anything? Charms for a charm bracelet, lucky pennies, figurines, and such make for interesting topics. Why do you collect what you do? How did you get started with your collection? Where do you keep it?

What's in your Closet?

Some of us have clothes and shoes and some of us have much more! Are there hidden treasures in your closet? What style of clothing do you wear? How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Also, consider using this figuratively instead of literally.

What's in your Purse?

You might just be surprised with what you could find in a woman's handbag on any given day! What's in yours? How do the contents reflect your lifestyle? Do you keep it organized or is it messy?

Your Hobbies

What is your passion? Do you love to work in your garden, crochet, or paint? Maybe you like crossword puzzles, photography or even belly dancing. Why do you enjoy it? Does any other member of your family share the same hobby? How did you learn how to do it?

Your Hometown

There's nothing like hometown pride and going back to your roots. Try documenting local landmarks such as a high school, museum, church, cemetery, or any historical buildings. How long have you lived in the city you consider your hometown? How many generations have lived there? What unique attractions or festivals does your area have?


Do you go on a vacation every year? Document where you go and what you do. Do you have a travel companion? Do you travel for business? What are some funny cultural differences that you've experienced? What are your means of transportation-road trip in a car, cruising the country on your motorcycle, or hopping on a redeye flight?

Your Occupation (or your "dream" job)

A lot of us spend more time at the workplace than we do at our own homes. Don't exclude this important part of your daily life. Sneak your camera into work one day and snap a few pictures of your desk or work area. Are you confined to a cubicle or do you work on an assembly line? Are you a supervisor or a worker-bee? What would your "dream" job be?

Your Friends

Friends bring so much fun, support and companionship to us that they deserve at least a few pages in your scrapbook. What do you do together for fun--shop, eat, see movies? When and how did you meet? Are you opposites or just alike? Be sure to include goofy pictures of yourselves-especially if taken in a photo booth!

Your Family

Our families mean so much to us that I'm sure we each could create an entire album about them. Try picking one family member that you are close to and creating a page dedicated to them, detailing what they mean to you. Or try a memorial page for a beloved grandparent. Family dynamics are constantly changing and generations from now will thank you.

Your Emotions

Are there little things that just make you happy? It can be as simple as an iced mocha latte or as complex as a relationship. What makes you sad? Do you have pet peeves? How do you deal with your emotions?

Your Education

Are you a college graduate? Is your spouse? Did you get your GED or go back to school at an older age? What schools did you attend? What subjects were you good at/did you like? Which ones did you do poorly in/did not like?

Your Residence

Our homes are our castles, so be sure to include yours in your scrapbook. What type of home do you live in-an apartment, cottage, house, condo, or mansion? Do you own it or rent? How is it decorated? Did you do any remodeling? What monumental things happened while you've lived there?

There are plenty of great topics for you to scrapbook about yourself, your family and friends, and your life in general, even if you do not have children. Happy scrapping!

Embellishment by MasonsMom
Embellishment by MasonsMom


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    • MasonsMom profile image

      MasonsMom 9 years ago from U.S.A.

      Thanks for your comment, seamus.

      I have recently started photographing my layouts but it's a long process since I have so many. I've posted a few of my own layouts in my more recent articles and will continue to try to integrate them into my new ones. (Of course some are very personal, so I chose not to share them.)

      Thanks for reading!

    • seamus profile image

      seamus 9 years ago

      Do you have any photos of your scrapbooks? That would be a cool addition. =)