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Scrapbooking Only Drives You Crazy When You Pay Full Price

Updated on August 12, 2014

Scrapbooking is Like Double Sided Tape

There is a chance you took up scrapbooking in hopes to neatly store away memories. This may not be the case but whatever happened, you cannot stop yourself from shopping for supplies. From the textures on the paper to the lovable characters and sayings on the stickers, you are addicted, but this does not make you crazy.

Remember though, you were in this to organize your photos not your household. So like double sided tape, a scrapbook can have a good purpose but it takes careful work to not get it all over the place.

Coffee Does Not Seem to Help

A caffeine addiction will not help you get ahead on organizing your scrapbook supplies. Do not worry though. Scrapbooking does not have to drive you crazy, even if it is covering the majority of your counter space, floors and tabletops. Saving money is just as good as making money for many households.


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The Cost is the Cause

The real cause of craziness is the overall cost of scrapbooking. Saving money on stickers, embellishments, paper, stamps and all the tools that make up your hobby can help.

When friends and family see scrapbook supplies they know how much they cost. Saving 70% or more could make your expensive looking pile cost much less.

Shopping online for scrapbooking deals will help you find the same scrapbook stickers and more at less than half the cost.

Wear the button!
Wear the button!

Scrapbook Fanatics Start Saving Now!

No longer be ashamed of large mounds of materials. Your craziness is a gift, but it does not have to be an expensive one.

Search the web for the same products you can buy in stores, for less. Then, when you just can't find something online or you have to have it... buy it in stores. You will have the same products, but you won't need to spend thousands.

Wear the scrapbook fanatic pin and wear it proud.

Scrapbuck is Gone :(

For the longest time, Scrapbuck (I linked to their FB page because their website is now down) had great prices. It was a great value. Now their website is gone and I just wanted to let it be known that they will be missed. It can be seen by their huge following and still very active Scrapbuck Facebook Page. By their last post, it looks like September 3rd, 2013 was their last day or shortly there after.

Scrapbook Expo Exhibitor

Scrapbook Expo is the Place to Be

If you are a scrapbook shopper, I mean you are really into it or you really need to save money... the Scrapbook Expo is where it's at. They have it all, and they have it at great prices. The expo has plenty of exhibits to see, each running their own specials and selection. I linked to their website for more information, there is a show list and they travel around the United States so they will be near you soon.

Think of it this way, spend big here and you won't have to worry so much about picking up supplies during the rest of the year.

I have included a video of one of the exhibitors from the expo.

You Are Never Alone Crazy Scrapbooker!

So although you will never be able to shake the habit, you will never be alone. Strength in numbers! With a few of these tips I hope you are able to put a dent in your scrapbooking budget but not your scrapbook supplies.

Have your own tips?

Do you have tips on how to save money while scrapbooking? Let us know in the comments below. The community would surely appreciate it and I would personally thank you. Happy scrapping.

© 2014 Jon Potts


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