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Scrapbooking - materials used and how to store them

Updated on February 14, 2014

Scrapbook materials

Cardstock and design paper
These two are most often used in scrapbook lay-outs and card making. Both papers are acid-free so they do not stain when in concact with glue/paint, etc. This makes these papers ideal to use. What is the difference?
Cardstock is often used for lay-outs because of its format, which is 12.4 by 12.4 inches. Cardstock is also thicker and more stable to use and often comes in only one colour (per paper, in total there are many colours available!) and without any patterns on it. Of course cardstock is also very good to use in any other scrapbooking projects.
Design paper is thinner and comes in different shapes, sizes, colours and patterns. These are ideal for decoration purposes and easy to cut and shape.

No hobbyist should be without proper tools, which in the case of scrapbooking is not that much, as you will have more decoration materials than tools in the end, but there are some items you can not do without! These are:

  • Scissors: in this case I would recommend good quality scissors, a big pair of scissors for bigger sizes/shapes of paper and a small pair of scissors for those images you want to cut out more precisely. For the smaller pair of scissors you could also get those who have a bendy point at the end. This is great for cutting round shapes.
  • Double-sided tape/glue: using glue for sticking embellishments or decorations onto your project is fine, but when trying to stick paper onto paper it is best to use double sided tape as it doesn't stain and you cannot make mistakes.
  • Glue-dots/3d foam tape: If you plan to use some 3D type of decorations in your projects, then these will come in very handy.

Embellishments are basically small ellements of decoration used for scrapbook projects. Examples are ribbons, flowers, stickers, buttons, etc. Nice is that you don't specifically need to go to a hobby shop to buy embellishments. You can find embellshments even in bookstores, warehouses, or even household stores. You can even come across a wrapping paper or piece of plastic that has a nice shape or pattern on it to use. This makes scrapbooking affordable for all.

Tags are often used in scrapbook projects as they are small but also big enough to put a message on or an image for decoration. Decorating tags is also fun to do and does not take long. You can make a beautiful card by using cardstock and sticking a nicely decorated tag on the cardstock and putting it on a card. Tags can often be found in office supply stores as well.

Stamps are basically the favourite item of a scrapbook enthousiast. Stamps and stamping ink can be found in other stores than hobby stores, but they do have a difference in quality. This makes stamps less affordable for those with a lower budget. On the other hand, you can use stamps over and over again, so you might invest in a nice stamp with a good quality ink. The good quality ink is more durable than the cheap ink pads, plus they don't stain and are even usable on non-paper surfaces.

The Cricut
The Cricut is a special printer that not only prints but also cuts out an image. You can buy cartridges with all types of images, letters, figures, patterns, and the cricut will cut them out for you. For many scrapbookers, the Cricut is a must-have, but it comes with a "high" price. In the US it is on sale for around 150 dollars, where in Europe it will cost you around 300 Euro's. The Cricut comes with one cartridge, and a cartridge is separately sold for around 20 dollars or 45 euro's. You may consider buying a Cricut second-hand, but be careful with that as the cutters/knives used in the Cricut may not work well over time and need replacing. Before checking for a second-hand Cricut, check the costs of replacing certain items of it. If it is expensive, you might want to consider buying a new one.

Pens and pencils
In a hobby store you will find many good quality and special pens and pencils that you can use for many creations. You can for example use them to colour in images or stamping images or use the pens for some doodling (drawing fun patterns with a nice pen as decoration). Here again, it might be wise to invest in some good materials for colouring as quality does make a difference here. Using your childrens materials might not give your scrapbook creation that touch that you want it to have.

Organising your materials

Once you start this creative hobby, you will notice that in no time you will have lots of materials collected.

(Stackable) boxes
Do not keep the materials you buy in their original packages, but place them in sorting boxes and/or stackable boxes. Even better when the boxes are see-through so that you can see right away what is in them. The boxes are great for keeping scrap paper, ribbons, tools, stamps, etc.

A scrap-fan can never have too much paper and within no time you will have lots of it too! It comes in all shapes and sizes and therefore takes up a lot of space. You can use magazine holders to store bigger size papers (and sort them in colour) or a box. In the hobby store you can get special cardstock shaped plastic folders to store the paper in. Paper scraps that you want to keep (no need to throw them away!) you can keep in shoe boxes or other types of smaller boxes.

Jars are great for placing buttons or flowers, You could sort them by colours and they look quite cheerful when place next to each other on a shelf.

Stickers come in various shapes and sizes, which makes it a bit more complicated to store them. You could use the plastic folders with rings to place the stickers in and then keep them in a binder. Also a CD case is often used to keep images and stickers in. It give protection and you can sort them by category if you want.

Wooden stamps can be best stored in a box as they take up more space, but clear stamps could be placed in plastic folders for storage (like the stickers), as they are thinner. The inkpads are again best used in boxes.

When you have so many materials, it is wise to label them so that you know what is in the boxes/jars/ drawers/cabinets, without having to open each of them.

Favourite material

What is your favourite scrapping material/decoration?

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    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 4 years ago

      Oooh great tips & ideas. I love scrapboooking and it's about time I do a bit of reorganizing. I usually get my spring cleaning started in February and I've had a tough year so I haven't kept up with things. When it gets too messy I'm less likely to even bother. Nice hub, voted up!