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Is Scrapping Your Destresser?

Updated on May 26, 2011

“Not tonight Honey, I’m Scrappin’”….that is all I can focus on sometimes when I haven’t gotten together with my scrap-o-holic friends in a while. The embellishments, the paper of all assortments and colors, the tools…ahhh it’s heaven for me! Okay I know that a lot of people put down scrapping. “How do you have patience for that”, they tell me or “ How can you just sit there for 6 hours and scrap?” they remark. But they don’t know how much of a stress releaser it can be. They just don’t understand. Let me try to explain.

Imagine this….two of my best friends and myself, sitting around my kitchen table. Looking through pictures, discussing life, our husbands, boyfriends, the Housewives of NJ, Dancing with the Stars, we love Max, and at the end of it all, we have this beautiful 12 x 12 page of a special memory. A photo or photos of our children, a day we spend with the one that we love, or special memories of those that have passed away. Beautifully placed on the gorgeous scrapbook paper and designed and brought to life with our very own creativity. That’s Scrapping!

And I know that scrapping could get expensive at times. Trust me I completely understand. But there are ways around it. You can always use your coupons, (my favorite Michaels, ACMoore) and purchase paper, tools or books with those coupons. You can save a lot of money that way, especially for those high prices items. But your stamps, stickers, and other embellishments you can find at low cost. Even some dollar stores now have scrapbooking items, how great is that!

Sometimes if I know I am going to start a new themed scrapbook and my birthday is coming around, I’ll just hint to my friends and family for a gift card. Too pushy you think? How exciting it is to walk into the scrapbooking section of Michaels and pick out new stuff! Awesome!

Well all I know is that after a couple of hours of scrapping and spending time with my friends, I am so happy. It is a great way to get together with friends as well. You may want to try it sometime!

So you may ask me if I ever scrap alone. Sometime I do, but rarely. Its so much fun to do it with great company. It is hard though to find the time to scrap. I'm a busy mom, driving the kids to and from activiites. So what I recommend is putting a scrapbooking date with your fellow scrap-o-holics on your calendar. Just like a doctors appointment.

So in a nut shell, yes scrapbooking is a stress releaser for me. It is a artistic and social way to get through our day!


Scrapbooking Fun Vs Boring

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    • miccimom profile image

      miccimom 6 years ago from U.S.A

      My daughter and I went to our first scrapbooking expo this year together. It was like walking into heaven. aisles and aisles of scrapbooking stuff...loved it!

    • Vanessa Anderson profile image

      Vanessa Anderson 6 years ago from The Sunshine State

      I agree 100%. There is no better way to destress than to scrapbook! I scrap with friends, my sister, and even my 5 year old daughter is learning to scrap with me. It's awesome :-)

    • miccimom profile image

      miccimom 6 years ago from U.S.A

      Thanks..yes its alot of fun. You can also get the kids involved. They can cut out pictures of some of their favorite things, and make a scrap page that they can be proud of too!

    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 6 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      I don't do scrapping, but I fully support anyone in their hobby. If you get out of it what you describe in this hub, that's awesome.

    • profile image

      Laura Seeley 6 years ago

      I so agree!!!! Love the article - i almost starting crying reading it!!!

    • profile image

      Roe Casano 6 years ago

      I agree with her 120%!!!!