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Scratch Art Ideas

Updated on March 29, 2014

Scratch Art Easter Eggs


Scratchboard is what my Mom and I always called it

.... but most just call it plainly Scratch Art. And no, it has nothing to do with the Tattoo Thang, though; the artists who shoots ink under the skin of/for their customers, are referred to as 'scratchers'

Way back, but not that long now, when I came home from middle school one day, fresh from art class, that was always the last class of the day for me, I carried with me a finished piece I was quite proud of.

I recall some from back then; the teacher's name was Solinburger, the best friend's name was Hickernell, the bully was named Heim, the girlfriend wanabe was Dena Fick, who let me kiss her a hundred times at the prom to spite her boyfriend - and that's about it.

But what really is fresh in this 50sh artist's memory is the piece of 'art' I brought home. I was proud of it and Mrs. Solinburger thought it was pretty good as well. She stamped it 'grade A.' But my mom didn't have to stamp it anything, or did she have to say anything - her expression said it all. And, funny, I never saw that look with anything else I brought home, then or since then - other than the time I introduced her to her granddaughter, of course.

To this day I don't know if she was so happy and excited for my grade, or the art work itself. She's still creating Scratch-board art and has over a thousand pieces to her credit. Maybe I know the answer to that question.


by Marlene Hager
by Marlene Hager | Source

Mom's Bio

Marlene Cook Hager is a native of Daulphin County, Pennsylvania. She has resided in many States of the Union through the years.

While living in Stone Mountain, Georgia she devoted many hours of
volunteering as a member of the Auxiliary of Egelston Children’s
Hospital in Atlanta. While there she designed and donated over a
thousand mini pillows for the children there. She can still remember
the smiles of joy she had brought to them.

While still in Atlanta she gave many hours of her time to The Visually
Impaired Foundation.

During the 1960‘s Marlene was very fortunate to receive private lessons
in the art of creating Ukrainian Eggs. She loved it so much that she later
went on to teaching others this very old art form.

Her creativity and talent has never showed any bounds. She has made one-
of-a-kind scarves, hand painted fabrics, oil and water color pieces, pen
and ink drawings and greeting cards for special occasions.

Later on in her life she became acquainted with the old 19th century art form
called ‘scratch art’ originating in Britain and France. She had found that this
art form was the dearest to her heart, and consequently has produced and sold
over 1200 pieces for people here in the States as well as in Europe.

Marlene is very great full for her deep love and interest in art, the ability to
support the arts, and above all to share her talent with others.


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