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Seam Binding Ribbon - A how to on dyeing and embellishing

Updated on April 9, 2014
 Dyed Seam Binding  Ribbon
Dyed Seam Binding Ribbon

Seam Binding Ribbon

Seam binding ribbon, or french seam binding has become popular due to the fact that is very inexpensive and easy to dye and embellish. This is how to on dyeing and decorating seam binding. Seam binding, is popular among craters, scrapbook makers, and in gift wrapping.

Supplies for Dyeing Seam Binding Ribbon
Supplies for Dyeing Seam Binding Ribbon

What you need to dye seam binding ribbon

What you need is the following:

  1. Seam Binding
  2. Dye/ Paint- acrylic textile paint is used in this how to
  3. Water
  4. Spray bottles
  5. container
  6. small piece of cardboard
  7. paper clips

Dyeing can be a messy process, so covering the work spaces is a must. Also have waterproof surface to place the dyed ribbon, until it is completely drying. Artboard canvas is a great material to work on and let the ribbon dry on.

Spray Dyeing Method
Spray Dyeing Method
After Spray Dyeing
After Spray Dyeing
Flat Dye method
Flat Dye method
after  Flat Dyeing
after Flat Dyeing

How to Dye Seam Binding

There are few ways you can dye seam binding. It takes very little dye to completely saturate the binding. Cut the length of ribbon you like to dye, a minimum of yard is best.

Ways to dye seam binding

  • Spray Dye
  • Container Dye
  • Flat Dye

I do recommend wearing latex gloves or similar so the dye will not stain your skin ( I learned this the hard way I had sparkly bluish purple hands for days)

Spray dyeing- I prefer this method, since this method dries the fastest. To spray dye, you first need to fill a spray bottle, with a solution of dye and water, until you get the desired color you would like.Using small spray bottle is enough to dye two to three yards of ribbon. Take a pile of ribbon, and start spraying the ribbon, constantly moving the ribbon around until all areas of the ribbon are dyed. This ribbon will wrinkle easily, especially when wet. This ribbon does tend to looked better wrinkled. After all the ribbon is dyed, ball up the ribbon and place to dry.

Container dyeing- This is the easiest way of dyeing,and the messiest. In a small container, combine dye and water till preferred color, then ball up the ribbon, and emerge it into the container, mixing it until the ribbon is fully dyed. Container dyeing is good if you want to add glitter to the ribbon. Glitter will clog a spray bottles so I advise to use this method or flat dyeing. This method takes the longest to dry, due to the amount of saturation. Dry the ribbon the same way in spray dyeing

Flat Dyeing- this is for ribbon that you don't want to wrinkle. Take a piece of cardboard and wrap the ribbon around the cardboard, leaving space in between, and secure the end with paper clips. Mix dye, and water in a container, and use a large paint brush to apply the dye to the ribbon. Make sure the ribbon is saturated, and the dye has bleed to the other side. Let the ribbon completely dry before removing from the cardboard.

It usually takes 12 to 24 hours for ribbon to dry, also the ribbon once dry will be one or two shades lighter then when wet.If you are doing the flat dyeing method, then be careful to store ribbon around a spool or a piece of cardstock to prevent wrinkling after dyeing.

balls of seam binding placed to dry
balls of seam binding placed to dry

Embellishing Ribbon

Hand stamping ribbon, is very easy to do and it adds so much to the finished product. All you need is a stamp, and a stamp pad. Make sure the ribbon is completely dry before stamping. Always, dye the ribbon before stamping.

Make sure the ribbon is taunt and flat before trying to stamp. Stamping on a hard surface is a must. Using an art canvas board, and paperclip on each the side of the board is the method used in this demonstration.

Finished product, Paris and bonjour ribbons
Finished product, Paris and bonjour ribbons
Hand stamping ribbon
Hand stamping ribbon


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