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Updated on May 25, 2015

Yn dathlu symudiad cyso / A celebration of constant motion

Created by Deborah Claire Procter

27th July 2002, Aberystwyth stone jetty at the harbour end of town

Over 25 performers in a four-hour movement study set on the seawall in Aberystwyth

"Marvellous depiction of people and landscape: very moving."


  • VIKRAM IVENGAR (Katak dance)
  • STUART BOWDEN (member of Diversions Dance Company)
  • SU CHU LU (Chinese folk dance & martial arts)
  • JANE LLOYD-FRANCIS & Heroi: Carreg Dressage & Equilibre Horse Theatre
  • KIRAN RATNA & MEGAN LLOYD: India Dance Wales
  • SARAH MUMFORD (Contemporary dancer) & JAN DAVIS (Contemporary dancer)
  • GORWELLION community group
  • Local people from Aberystwyth who attended open workshops

"Most original work"


"Great! Very moving"


The piece was made after a long process of observation of the people coming and going on the stone jetty.

It was designed to take advantage of panorama of the sea and the sky.

The site chosen is a place where people walk every day. The performance was a way of re-drawing attention to a familiar landscape. Thus the title was an obvious play on words between "sea" and "see." Also with "piece" and "peace."

The silhouettes of the performers were planned to captivate the viewer and indeed many of the public who came and went, actually stayed for the whole 4 hour duration of the performance.

Procter's idea was to explore the line between everyday un-trained pedestrian movements and trained dance movements.


Watching people walk along the jetty.

The audience had the option of looking with binoculars.

Procter says;

On of my long-term inspirations is Whisper, the Waves, the Wind (1983-1984) by North American artists Suzanne Lacy and Sharon Allen. In the performance 154 older women talk about their hopes and fears whilst sat around square white cloth covered tables set on a beach. Whilst they talk their hands form a choreography so that in one moment, when viewed from the cliffs above, it as if they are the patterns of a patch-work quilt. The Crystal Quilt (1987), which featured 430 older women.


Other influences were the kind of choreographic ideas that came out of Judson Dance Theater (N.Y.C.) in the 1960s. There was Yvonne Rainer who made choreography which was a combination of classical dance steps contrasted with everyday, ordinary, pedestrian movement. Rainer's "No Manifesto," was a famous rejection of some of the cliches of dance such virtuosity, spectacle and the heroic. The strategy was a way to demystify dance and to mix the classical with the everyday.

In the same movement was choreographer Trisha Brown who also explored the lines between simple movements and virtuosic dance.

The now classic book that chartered these postmodern dance movements in the USA was "Terpischore in Sneakers" by Sally Bane where she examines various choreographers ( such as Simone Forti, Yvonne Rainer, Steve Paxton, Trisha Brown, David Gordon, Deborah Hay, Lucinda Childs, Meredith Monk, Kenneth King, Douglas Dunn and so on) and their attempts to "reconceive the medium of dance."

"Amazing feat, I watched for 4 hours transfixed. Fantastic setting, really worked well."


"A beautiful & unique experience"


  • Artistic Consultant: STUART LYNCH
  • Rehearsal assistant: SU CHU LU
  • Photography: ROBERT BAGLEY
  • Production Assistant: PHIL MORAN
  • Volunteer: SIRIOL JOYNER

"An extraordinary experience - quite moving! "


  • Arts Council of Wales
  • "Social Risk Fund" (Wales Council for Voluntary Action)
  • Aberystwyth Town Council
  • Ceredigion County Council


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