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Searching for the perfect camera strap?

Updated on December 20, 2014


Photography by Edward M. Fielding -
Photography by Edward M. Fielding - | Source

Innovative camera strap design make for a more enjoyable pursuit

I have a couple of issues with the camera strap that came with my Canon EOS 6D. One is that it screams "steal me" by announcing the model name on the strap or at least encourages unwanted attention from gear hounds who want to come over and BS about camera equipment.

The other problem which is the same with all around the neck cameras is that a big heavy full frame camera with professional glass is heavy on the neck and bounces around when you are walking or hiking. Plus the camera is not exactly close to your hands when needed. It also is rather permanently attached to the camera body which causes all sorts of problems when mounting the camera on a tripod for product or food photography..

Across the body sling style camera straps like the FASTFIRE improve the weight distribution of a heavy camera by placing the camera at the hip. Right under your hand for quick movement. The camera strap is designed to stay put while the camera moves freely up and down on the strap. The shoulder pad provides more padding then a regular camera strap and the whole thing can be clipped off. Even the camera can easily be detached from the strap.

Some cross the body camera straps attach via the tripod screw hole which makes it rather awkward to go from handheld to tripod mount. The FASTFire attaches via a small leash to the standard camera strap connection on the right side of the camera.

The strap mails in a clear mailing tube and includes all instructions. I had my strap up and running in about 10 minutes after making adjustments. Only problem was my wife bought it for me as a birthday surprise and it showed up in the clear tube.

FASTFIRE Cross-body Sling-style Camera Strap
FASTFIRE Cross-body Sling-style Camera Strap

Faster, safer, more comfortable alternative to the old fashioned around-the-neck strap.


Here are the features from the manufacturer:

  • Faster, safer, more comfortable alternative to the old fashioned around-the-neck strap; made in America by a small, family owned and operated business; FREE SHIPPING - ALL ORDERS
  • Universal design for all SLR cameras attaches to the strap lug at the top of your camera in seconds, using the "Camera Link" provided
  • The only strap made with full 1.5" wide webbing for greater comfort and stability
  • Adjustable strap length to accommodate different body shapes and shooting styles
  • The camera rests hands free at the hip until ready to shoot, then slides freely up and down the strap to any position

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