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Selling Photographs on Fotolia: Stock Photography Site Review

Updated on July 5, 2016
Stock Photography
Stock Photography

Looking to make some extra money selling stock photographs, consider Fotolia one of the most accessible platforms in the industry.

Selling stock photograph images can be both fun and financially rewarding. However, getting into the business can take time and the selection of a good agent is critical. The article considers the merits of Fotolia, one of the largest providers of royalty free images internationally.

Registering an Account With Fotolia

The registration process is relatively simple and requires only a few details to be entered. Registering an account is free and does not require any documentation of the submission of any sample photographs. Once registered, an account holder may use their account as both a sales platform or to buy images from other photographers.

This is a significant advantage over many stock photography sites, which often require submission of a number of sample photographs before an application is accepted from a contributor.

Submitting Photographs to Fotolia

Uploading photographs to an account is relatively simple and multiple options are available allowing single photographs to be uploaded or entire sets at a time. It is worth noting however, that each photograph is manually inspected by a human editor before being accepted or rejected.

As such, it is wise to only upload photographs which have a reasonable chance of being accepted in the first place, rather than risk annoying an editor with batteries of poor quality materials.

Use of the upload facility has seen editors respond relatively quickly with photographs and images receiving a decision within 24 hours. All in all, the upload process is relatively simple. It is worth spending a little extra time doing keyword research to ensure that potential buyers have the best chance of finding your image.

How Much Can I Make Selling Stock Photography Images: Fotolia Rates

As an international organization, Fotolia works on a “credits” system, the exact value of credits being related to the local currency in operation. However as a guide, images sell for between 1-7 credits dependent upon the size. Of this, the contributor starts by receiving 35% of the sale. At the time of writing, one credit was equal to $US 0.75 or £0.63 .

As a photographer builds up their portfolio and images become more popular, it is possible to increase the amount of money charged for a given image. In addition, there are also other ways to boost income, such as offering an extended license and granting exclusivity to Fotolia for an individual image.

As with all passive forms of income, it can take time start to earn money from stock photography. However, in order to make the most of the opportunity a photographer should focus on building up a credible portfolio, maintaining a competitive level of quality and ensuring that each image is easy to find through keyword research.

If looking for a great way to enter the stock photography market, with an account which is both user friendly and has the potential to make an extra income, setting up a Fotolia account may be a great starting place.


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