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How to Sew and Sell Purses for Fun and Profit with Links to Patterns

Updated on April 19, 2013

Sewing Machine

All you need is a working sewing machine or, if you are skilled, you can make hand-sewn purses.
All you need is a working sewing machine or, if you are skilled, you can make hand-sewn purses. | Source

Start a Home Sewing Business

There's nothing like sitting down at the sewing machine with only some fabric and thread and then, some time later, getting up with a brand new item to add to your wardrobe. If sewing is your specialty and you're looking to start a home business, you will want to research all the possibilities in the purse sewing business. With so many patterns to pull from and study, and with so many women looking for unique purses to add to their wardrobe, you can turn a nice profit from your creativity and sewing skills.

For personal use, making your own purses for all the ladies (and satchels for the men) in the house can save you and your family a lot of money. Your home sewn purses will cost a lot less to make and they will probably last a lot longer than cheap store bought purses. What's more, you can make them out of washable fabrics so that you can easily throw them in the washer when they start to look dirty.

Be Unique and Creative

A successful home sewer needs to find her or his own niche. It can be a theme, such as disco purses, or it can be an original style of purse.

Ideas for starting your own purse sewing business:

  • Network! Find local craft groups and set up your own table at craft fairs.
  • Find a unique, unused name for your brand of purses. You can even use your own name to brand your creations.
  • Find a niche in the market. Would your customers favor large purses or small purses? What colors will you use? Will the patterned fabric be wild or sedate?
  • Set up a website that displays the purses you've made and are for sale.
  • Set up a store on ebay. Announce new listings on Twitter and Facebook.

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