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How to Pick Out Kids Sewing Machines

Updated on January 13, 2012
Singer 1507 8-Stitch Sewing Machine
Singer 1507 8-Stitch Sewing Machine

I first learned to sew on my Mom’s complicated Elna when I was about 12 and quickly gave it up.

Threading it was difficult and it you had to push a lever with your outer thigh to make it run – very clumsy. Had the machine been a simpler one, I probably could have gotten started earlier and enjoyed myself more.

When picking out kids sewing machines, it’s best to keep it as simple as possible without sacrificing quality. A good basic machine can last for many years and later act as a backup after the child has outgrown it.

The machine needs to be an intuitive design – in other words, user friendly. Children tend to have short attention spans and if they have to labor to learn how to thread the needle, or set up the bobbin they will quickly lose interest – just like I did.

You will most likely have to help them in the beginning, but it’s important they are able to handle the machine on their own to build confidence in their budding sewing skills.

A few built-in stitches, snap on pressure feet, a foot pedal and a reverse sewing switch are really all that is needed on kids sewing machines. Make sure you buy a known brand and do your research before making a selection.

Recommendations for the Best Kids Sewing Machines

The two recommended machines below are less than $100 on Amazon and work well for beginner sewing projects like pillowcases, curtains, simple garments and so on. These machines are not for heavy materials or quilting projects.

  1. Singer 1507 8-Stitch Sewing Machine
  2. Brother LS2125I Easy-To-Use Lightweight Basic 10-Stitch Sewing Machine


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