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Sewing Trims- Rickrack

Updated on May 23, 2013


Sewing has been around almost as long as human kind. Or at least in some type of form and fashion.

Think of Adam and Eve in the garden, when they covered themselves with fig leaves. Ever ask yourself how they got them to stay put.

As long as there have been people we have all been wearing clothing of some type or form to clothe our nakedness.

Thing is over the hundreds of years we have been doing this we have been thinking up ways to make things more beautiful as well as more functional.

Some things work because of their simplicity and others have just been used to give effect and opulence. They are decorative and nothing more. Adding interest rather than any other functional quality.

Rick rack

Rick rack or rick rac trim is such an garment adornment used in sewing.

It according to WikipediA is a flat narrow braid woven in a zig zag form, used as a trimming for clothing or curtains.

Yet rick rack like any other trim can be used in a myriad of other ways. It also makes itself indispensable in crafts as a way of adding details. Also of hiding mechanics.

It can be stitched in place or glued in place depending on where you are attaching it, normally on clothing or fabric it is sewn into place with needle and thread.

As a crafting detail it is typically glued into place.

Attaching rick rack

  • Sewing

straight top stitch run down the middle of the trim

  • Glue

thin bead run down the middle to attach

Made of

  • cotton
  • polyester

History of

Rick rack has been around from the 1800's, in it's first occurrence it was called waved braid. Prized for it's durability, it was used to trim and embellish.

Drawbacks, maybe?

Rick rack can be busy looking. Although durable it's loose ends can end up curling.

So, If you are thinking of adding some interesting detail to a craft or fabric, think of rick rack because it comes in a boat load of colors and several widths. Go ahead, see what you can create.


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