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A Different Way to Organize Jewelry

Updated on January 29, 2015

My Jewelry and I

To preface this all: I have a lot of jewelry, most of it has been gifts, a lot of it is cheap, and all of it is hard to organize. If you have a lot of jewelry and a hard time organizing it, then this Hub is for you. If you don't have a lot of jewelry you may pick up a tip or two of jewelry organizing.

Over the years I've had my jewelry collection in various containers, from jewelry boxes to that hanging jewelry organizer*. My biggest problems have always been that my necklaces tangle, my earrings fall out, and that most containers I've owned don't carry easily.

*It should be noted that I had the type of hanging jewelry organizer that had open pockets, meaning things fell out easily and especially in transit. Perhaps if I had an organizer that had the zippered pouches I would have never had so many problems.

Jewelry Container Type
Child's Music Box style
Cute, not easily identifiable as a jewelry box, easy to transport
Small, no organization inside, easily outgrown
Typical Jewelry Box
Holds more, separating compartments
Looks like a jewelry box, not so easy to carry
Hanging Jewelry Storage
Can be hung in closet to be hidden, more compartments, travels better than jewelry box
Items can fall out, jewelry can still get tangled, jewelry is more visible
The containers I've owned and their various attributes.

Where I Got My Idea

When finally I was frustrated with the hanging jewelry organizer, I began thinking of what I wanted to replace it. In the thought process, I ended up selecting from the pros lists of my past storage containers the aspects of what I needed most.

Need list: different compartments to house jewelry so it didn't rattle around and tangle, a way to be able to transport everything easily, it had to not look like a jewelry box, had to have easy access, parts had to be removable for individual choice transport.

While considering this all I first thought of a toolbox, then a fishing tackle box. I thought that it was the perfect idea! It had everything I needed...except that the parts couldn't all be removed to allow ease of individual transport.

So the search continued...

My current solution
My current solution | Source

My Jewelry Solution

One day while cleaning up my closet, I saw one of my craft storage containers. It houses all my bead supplies for jewelry making since it has four removable trays, each containing divided sections internally that separate the different colored beads.

When I saw the bead storage, I knew. This is what I had been searching for. Now, since the bead storage was already storing something, I had to go find an identical or similar type of model to solve my jewelry problem.

As it turned out, my nearby Joann's carries this type of storage in their stores (can't seem to find it online with them, but you can find it in the source link for the picture). With the use of one of Joann's "50% off one regularly priced item" coupons, I bought my new jewelry storage and took it home to fill.

My actual container
My actual container
My container, trays pulled out.
My container, trays pulled out.

How I Organize My Jewelry Now

With four trays to fill, each with dividers to separate out as needed, I had to think of a game plan. I broke down my jewelry to 4 main types; silver, gold, black and pearl,color and miscellaneous.

Within my 4 tray types I chose to separate further. For example my silver tray has in each separated slot; silver only studs, stud with stone, hoops/hoop with stones, matching sets (various in different slots), big pieces, brooches, loose backs, plain necklaces, necklaces with stones, etc.

With a method to my collection I can now easily grab the tray (based on what I see in the visible bit) I need. I have yet to have a necklace tangle or an earring get lost.

As for transportation, I can either carry it all in it's blue plastic case or I can take out whatever trays are needed. For vacation travel I plan on using a mini rolled jewelry organizer, which is a separate piece and kept near my jewelry organizer.

I hope this Hub has helped you consider a different type of jewelry organizer instead of a traditional jewelry box.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below and I'll try to answer them as I can.


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