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Sigma 18-250mm OS Super Zoom Lens - 5 Reasons to Choose Sigma 18-250 for Digital SLR Cameras

Updated on April 18, 2012
Taken with Sigma 18-250mm OS super zoom lens
Taken with Sigma 18-250mm OS super zoom lens

Sigma 18-250mm OS Digital SLR Lens

Photographers and review sites are declaring the virtues of the Sigma 18-250mm OS super zoom lens. Not to be misleading, the Sigma super zoom lens does not top every list, and there are some qualities to consider before making your decision.

However, that being said, almost every Sigma 18-250mm OS review has great things to say about this super zoom competitor.

First of all, does it even make sense to purchase a single lens for a Digital SLR camera?

After all, one of the most exciting reasons for moving up to a Digital SLR camera from a point and shoot model is that you can choose which lens to put on the thing.

5 Reasons to Buy a Sigma 18-250mm OS Lens for Your Digital SLR Camera

Sigma 18-250mm OS Lens for Digital SLR camera
Sigma 18-250mm OS Lens for Digital SLR camera
Wide angle or telephoto, Sigma 18-250mm OS lens is ready for all focal ranges
Wide angle or telephoto, Sigma 18-250mm OS lens is ready for all focal ranges
Tom Sawyer had a great idea - bridge painting recorded by Canon 30D and Sigma 18-250mm OS super zoom lens
Tom Sawyer had a great idea - bridge painting recorded by Canon 30D and Sigma 18-250mm OS super zoom lens
  1. $$$ - The first reason speaks to the wallet. The glass you place in front of your camera's image sensor is not cheap. And if you are on a budget, it just makes sense to get as much bang for your buck as possible. The Sigma 18-250mm OS lens qualifies as more than one lens. It actually covers the range of 2 or 3 lenses with excellent quality glass. Yes, you could buy cheaper, but when quality is considered, the least expensive lenses are not always the most economical in terms of keeping them for the long haul. Typically, if you spend very little for your camera glass, you end up not being satisfied with the purchase and replacing it very quickly. So, pay a few pesos more and get something that will last for a long time.
  2. Easy on the Bod - (body, that is) When you don't have to carry that klunky camera bag all over with you with an aching back or shoulder, you will be singing the praises of your new digital SLR lens. This is especially true when you are on vacation or hiking. The camera bag is very inconvenient, heavy, and bulky. Trying to find an appropriate place for it is also a pain at times. You certainly don't want to leave your valuable equipment unattended while you are a block away capturing a photo.
  3. Perfect Range - Always have the right focal length available. This is especially true if you are not carrying your equipment bag with you. It's also true if you are not quite sure whether you want the wide angle shot or the close-up. You can capture both images by merely a twist of the barrel.
  4. Shoot Now! - When the shot is available, so are you. No more frantic rush to change to the correct focal length while your shot walks away, flies away, or fades away. Your Sigma 18-250mm super zoom lens will cover a wide variety of focal lengths so you don't have to stop and switch glass and maybe lose a great shot. You can get the great landscape shot or the long range photo of a wild critter with the same lens.
  5. Entry Level Digital SLR Compatible - The Sigma 18-250mm OS super zoom lens was designed for entry level DSLR cameras. The manufacturer has done a wonderful job of providing compatibility with the major brands. You get image quality and great focal length in one package. When considering operation and ergonomics, this is a great product. It has very fast autofocus and OS (optical stabilization). In addition, according to the experts at DPReview, "it is probably on a par with Canon and Nikon's own image stabilized super zooms."

So you can have a single walk around, or "all in one" lens for your Digital SLR camera that will do the job of more than one lens, at least as good as the manufacturers' own products and save money in the deal.

How can you go wrong?


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    • photolenses profile image


      8 years ago

      Wonderful tips on camera Ienses! sure enjoyed your Hub! I would like to have a look at a lot more before long?


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