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Simple Art Projects For All Ages

Updated on August 24, 2015

The Finished Piece By A Senior

Art at 92
Art at 92 | Source

Art For Ages 2 to 92--1. Materials Needed

I love this simple but fun art project, and have used it with seniors in the retirement homes I worked at and even with little children only 2 years of age. These are the steps to follow and the materials you will need to complete this art project. 1.Materials, 2.Taping the paper to a firm surface, 3. Tearing the tape, 4. Painting the surface, 5.Removing the tape 6. Placing the stickers.

1. You will need the following: Watercolor paper or other heavier type white paper, masking tape, brushes( need only one), acrylic paint in blue, green or blue green shades, or a kids watercolor set, a cup of water to rinse your brushes, and sea-life stickers. (available even at the Dollar store)

2. Taping The Paper To a Firm Surface

The next step in completing this art project is to find a smooth, flat and firm surface for the adult or child to tape down the paper. Watercolor paper is the best, but I've also used heavy white paper also and it works fine. Start by taping the four sides of your paper to the table leaving at least a 1/4 to 1/2 inch border around the paper covered with the masking tape. You will later remove the tape and your painting will look nicer with this white, finished-looking border around it.

Taping the paper to the table surface

3. Tearing The Tape

The next step is to tear pieces of the masking tape in irregular shapes. My little two year old grandson even enjoyed and tried this successfully. Older adults can try more dramatic shapes to look like coral or sea-grass or plants. Apply the torn pieces of tape to the bottom of the paper , with the tape pieces crossing over the top edge of the taped down paper as shown. ( My two-year old's taping job).

A Two Year Old's Taping Job--anyone can do this!

4. Painting The Surface

The next step is to choose the color or colors for the background that you want. Adults liked to use the blue or blue-green paint. Some children liked to use several colors from their paint boxes. You will need to first cover the entire paper with water, then apply the paint--so it will run some and give the fluid appearance of water for your underwater scenic background. I helped the children with this, using a large brush--then they put dabs of paint on the paper and watched it run and combine with their colors; thus creating a fun sea-like background. Be sure to cove all the torn tape pieces, so they will stand out.

Cover The Paper with Paint


5. Remove The Tape

After the paper has dried, you can remove the tape. Be sure to do it slowly, so you don't tear the paper. When all the grass-like torn tape has been removed, also remove the outside border tape. You are now ready to add the final touches to your art piece.

Removing The Tape--Carefully


6. Placing the Stickers---The Final Touch

Now you can complete the final step in your art creation. They have foam stickers (as shown) or paper ones (as shown) in all colors and sizes to choose from. You can find them in Hobby stores, or even the Dollar stores, for only a dollar. I let both groups choose the stickers they wanted, so everyone ended up with a different looking art piece. I also like to add to the finished work of art by taping it to a larger piece of colored paper to give it a framed look.

The Final Work of Art



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