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Simple Christmas DIY Crafts for Kids

Updated on February 14, 2016

Christmas DIY's

Christmas is a great time to let the kids be creative and have some fun with simple seasonal crafts. Whether they are make cards, ornaments, garlands or wreaths, the christmas craft ideas are endless. Plus most of them can be made with simple and cheap items you can find around the house or buy at the dollar/pound store.

These would also make great craft ideas to make with groups or at christmas parties. Kids of all ages will have fun making these simple DIY's, and they can really let their creativity out on the projects. And what parent doesn't love receiving handmade crafts and ornaments.

These are just a few of the great craft ideas I came across on Pintrest recently, it really is a great source of fun crafty ideas.

DIY christmas village
DIY christmas village | Source

DIY Recycled Christmas Village

How cute is this DIY Christmas Village. Made from recycled food boxes, wrapping paper, cardboards and some fun little bits and bobs. This would be a great christmas DIY for all the family to join in on. FInd the original DIY instructions on Paging Supermom!

Simple DIY Christmas Card for Kids
Simple DIY Christmas Card for Kids | Source

Santa Handprint Card

This simple Santa Claus Hand Print Card is a great DIY craft that all the kids can have fun making. Why bother buying cards this year when you can make such fun ones with just some card, paint and glue! Find all the instructions on Disney's Family Fun site.

Cute Handprint Reindeer Decorations
Cute Handprint Reindeer Decorations | Source

Cute Handprint Reindeer Ornaments

Let the kids get really creative making some cute reindeer ornaments using handprints, card and some sparkles, then decorate the tree with them. This one would be a great DIY idea for kids groups. Check out all the instructions at

Plant Pot Snowman Ornament
Plant Pot Snowman Ornament | Source

Plant Pot Snowman

This great little DIY using plant pots make a super cute christmas ornament. They would look great on a mantle piece or even dotted around a garden in the flowerbed. Find all the instructions on

Wool Wreaths
Wool Wreaths | Source

Wool Wreaths

Decorate the whole house with these pretty colourful wool covered wreaths. So simple to make, they may just take a little time and concentration. But the kids can be as playful as they want with all the coloured thread and embellishments. FInd the DIY on Christopher and Tia Blogspot.


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    • Connie's House profile image

      Connie's House 3 years ago from The Wild, Wild West, Arizona

      I love the little Christmas village!

    • daisydayz profile image

      Chantele Cross-Jones 5 years ago from Cardiff

      Aren't they cute!

    • Om Paramapoonya profile image

      Om Paramapoonya 5 years ago

      All these ideas are very lovely! My favorite is the handprint reindeer ornaments.

    • daisydayz profile image

      Chantele Cross-Jones 5 years ago from Cardiff

      I hope so too. Might be trying a few myself I think.

    • Lipnancy profile image

      Nancy Yager 5 years ago from Hamburg, New York

      These are very cool ideas for the Christmas season. I bet the kids really enjoy them.

    • daisydayz profile image

      Chantele Cross-Jones 5 years ago from Cardiff

      Yep it's nearly here again! Who would have thought, glad you like it!

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

      Is it that time of year again? I am going to bookmark this very useful and delightful hub. Great job..and of course a vote up. Love the flowerpot.

    • daisydayz profile image

      Chantele Cross-Jones 5 years ago from Cardiff

      I know it's scary it's nearly here again. I hadn't really thought about it until I saw. Grist mad chocolates in tesco this week! Mad!

    • CrisSp profile image

      CrisSp 5 years ago from Sky Is The Limit Adventure

      Ah, Christmas already? Don't get me wrong. I love Christmas. It's my favorite holiday of all but the thought of winter scares me. Not a big fan of snow. :)

      Nice ideas you have here though and will definitely be sharing this to my creative family and friends with kids. They should be gearing up soon.

      Up and all to you!