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Simple Craft Ideas For Kids - Decorated Photo Frames

Updated on September 3, 2014

Decorated photo frames make a great craft project for kids. They are cheap, they use up all sorts of those craft odds and ends you probably have lying around and don't like to throw out, and the finished product can even be useful.

First Make Your Frames

Depending on the ages of your children, you may need to first make the basic photo frames.

This is very easy.

Simply cut two pieces of cardboard (a cereal box is perfect) to the size you want a frame to be. Then cut out a rectangle from the center of one piece, and a segment out of the other, and glue them together to make a pocket, as per the picture below. Later you can attach a piece of magnetic strip if you want to display these on your fridge once decorated.

How to make a simple cardboard photo frame.
How to make a simple cardboard photo frame. | Source

Of course, you don't need to stick to one shape. As long as you match the front with the back, the possibilities are endless!

Also, it only needs to be a pocket if you think you might want to change the photo later. Otherwise, you can put the frame together permanently after the front has been decorated.

If you are making a special gift for someone, or want the frames to last longer, I recommend you use plain timber frames. You can purchase them from craft shops, or very cheaply from discount stores, or from the link I have provided. You could even reuse old frames.

Please remember, when using bought frames, make sure you remove any glass until the decorating is finished.


Decorating The Photo Frames

Now is when you and your kids can let your imaginations go wild.

Frames can be painted, covered with paper or fabric, decorated with stickers or by craft-gluing on any other items you can think of. You can choose a theme, or just go crazy with whatever you have.

Here are some ideas to get started:

  • Beach theme - paint the frame gold or yellow, stick on sand, decorate with small shells.
  • Buttons - decorate with buttons of all shapes and sizes.
  • Princess - paint the frame pink, stick on glitter, decorate with rhinestone flowers and gems.
  • Mosaic - cut up colored paper from a magazine or use tiles.
  • Woodland - stick twigs onto the frame, decorate with seed pods.
  • Geology - paint the frame black, stick on a variety of colored polished rocks.
  • Picture book - using old, damaged books, line the frame with print and stick characters on top.
  • Garden - line the frame with fabric, stick on fabric flowers and butterflies.
  • Pasta - decorate the frame with different types of dry pasta, spray paint the whole frame gold or silver.
  • Toys - cover the frame with tiny plastic toys and bits and pieces, then spray paint in a bright color.
  • Original 3D - create a masterpiece by making items out of modelling clay and sticking them on the frame.

You can add letters, words or numbers by drawing or with stickers to create fully personalized frames as gifts or for special occasions.

It's easy to color co-ordinate frames to any d├ęcor. By applying just a little adult ingenuity, photo frame decorating can be a craft activity for all ages.



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      tanvi 2 years ago

      Very useful n creative

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