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Art and Craft Project Ideas for Kids

Updated on November 2, 2013

Project ideas for kids:

Now I'm going to explain simple art and craft ideas for Kindergarten kids.

1.Creating a boy or girl using ice cream stick.

2.Draw a fruit using thumb impression.

3.Draw a vegetable using lady's finger(okra) print.

4.Creating a beach model.

5.Creating a farmhouse.

Create a boy or girl using Ice cream sticks:

Using ice cream sticks, we can do so many crafts for kids. One of them is creating a boy or girl using ice cream sticks. It is easier, funnier and creative for kids. Children will enjoy doing this project. Now we can see the step by step instructions for creating a boy using ice cream sticks.

Things needed:

  • Ice cream sticks.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue.
  • Color sheets.
  • Black color Sketch pen.
  • Black color thread.

How to do:

  1. Take an ice cream stick.
  2. cut into two pieces for hands of the boy or girl.
  3. Paste the broken pieces as hands to the another ice cream stick using glue.
  4. Cut another piece of ice cream stick and paste it as a leg .
  5. Cut the color sheets as a dress. (For boys, cut a trouser and shirt. For girl, cut as a shirt and skirt.)
  6. Paste the dress appropriately on the ice cream sticks which has hands and legs pasted on it.
  7. Draw eyes, nose and mouth using sketch pen. On the leg draw as if it is wearing shoes.
  8. With black color thread, make hairs and stick on the head part.
  9. Now, a craft using ice cream stick is ready for the project.

Boy craft using Ice cream sticks
Boy craft using Ice cream sticks
Fruit using thumb impression
Fruit using thumb impression

Fruit using thumb impression

Draw your kids favorite fruit and make impressions with their thumb.

Things needed:

  • Poster colors(according to the selected fruits).
  • Chart.

How to do:

  1. Draw your kids favorite fruit in the chart.
  2. Dip the thumb of your kid in to the poster color of the drawn fruit.
  3. Make impressions in the fruit which you drawn.
  4. Now a fruit with thumb impression is ready.

Brinjal using lady's finger(okra) print

Brinjal using Ladys fingerprint
Brinjal using Ladys fingerprint

Vegetable using Lady's finger print.

Draw your kids favorite vegetables in the chart using lady's finger print.

Things needed:

  1. Chart.
  2. Ladies finger(Okra).
  3. Poster color (according to the vegetable).

How to do:

  • Draw your child's favorite vegetable.
  • Cut and dip the ladies finger in to the poster color.
  • Make prints on the drawn vegetable.

Create a Beach Model

At beach, we can see the children playing on the shore, taking sunbath etc. We can see some coconut trees and hut also. Boats will also be there on the sea and also landing in the shore.

Things needed:

  • Poster color(Sky blue, ocean blue, white ,black).
  • Chart.
  • Glue.
  • Color sheets.
  • Child toys.
  • Scissors.

How to do:

  • Divide the chart for sky, sea and seashore.
  • Paint the sky part using poster color (sky blue). Make some clouds with white color. Draw birds as if it is flying using black color.
  • Paint the beach part using ocean color.
  • Make some waves using white color near the shore.
  • Cut the color sheets into a boat shape and paste it on the sea.
  • Make a hut using color sheets and stick it on the shore.
  • Make a coconut tree and paste it near the hut.
  • Paste the toys on the sea shore and wherever possible.
  • Make a bench using color sheets for sun bath and paste two dolls on it.
  • Stick small boy and girl toys on the shore as if they are playing in the beach.
  • Now a beach model is ready for the project.

Beach model
Beach model

Creating a Farm house

Before creating a farm house, the kids should know what is a farm house. Farm house is the place where the domestic animals such as cow, goat, sheep, horse, duck, hen etc are grown. Lets do the project model for farm house.

Things needed:

  • Chart.
  • Poster colors(Sky blue, Green).
  • Glue.
  • Color sheets.
  • Farm animal pictures.
  • Scissor.

How to do:

  1. Take the chart and draw mountains and paint with green color.
  2. Color with sky blue color above the mountains to appear as a sky. Make some clouds on it with white color.
  3. Make house with color sheets and paste it near the mountains.
  4. Make windmill and paste near the house.
  5. Cut the farm animal pictures as their shapes.
  6. Apply glue on the legs and paste it on the chart as if the animals are standing.
  7. Create pond for the ducks and paste the duck pictures inside the pond.
  8. Make a path from house to the pond using color sheets and paste it accordingly.
  9. Now a farm house is ready.

Farm House
Farm House

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      mona 3 years ago

      Its really creative and useful for kids too

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      rekha 3 years ago

      Nice very interesting

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      dinu 4 years ago

      Nice projects for kids.

      Thank u