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Simplifying Photography

Updated on February 16, 2016

Long Exposure Image

Long Exposure image taken at Stouhead
Long Exposure image taken at Stouhead | Source

Why I began this HUB

I'm extremely passionate about photography and have learnt my skills over many years, as we all know there are literally hundreds of manuals and websites that offer information about taking the perfect photograph and the technicalities with regards to taking your photo, well I have decided to put together a Hub which will explain in a more simplified way, I felt it was time I put my thoughts into words, for me but hopefully you may enjoy learning from my experience as a full time photographer.

Let me explain why I decided the time was now -

Let me explain

I recently received an email from a you've student who was interested in shadowing me on one of my wedding's to obtain what she said "would be valuable experience" I often receive requests from students and photographer's asking if they could help with a wedding photography assignment however as I politely explain I'm very much a one man and my wife wedding photography team. We do have a very smoothly running work ethic which I'm sorry but having another individual to think about would be conducive to our days wedding shoot.

On this occasion though, the young student sounded extremely positive and maybe she just caught me on a good day therefore I decided to take her for a days shoot, not on a wedding but just out to take photo's around the Somerset countryside.

What occurred!

Our day began heading to the wonderful national trust property of Stourhead, this stunning estate is literally 25 mins drive for me here in Beckington just outside Frome.

It was a glorious autumnal day, very warm for the time of year and a beautiful orange glow from the low lying sun.

I can remember my first lessons/studies when I first took up photography, the excellent teacher I was very lucky to have took the class of 15 pupils through all the basics with regards to the camera (film cameras) from the shape through to opening the back. Over the coming months we covered absolutely everything, not just brushing over the individual settings but how the smallest change in speed (for instance) impact's on the exposure, how everything is directly connected the "triangle" scenario.

Every single aspect of photography was covered and this was well before we had even placed a roll of film in the camera. So back to my photography student, the youge lady should be well up to speed, as this photographic student was in her final year and told me "she had her own wedding to photograph in a few months" happy days then!

Well, there we are and here am I, giving my professional (toned down) spiel about aperture settings that would be best for the fabulous view over looking the lake at Stourhead and where I personally would meter in order to keep the highlights and tones of this incredible view in front of the lens, when! Shock, horror, the photographer student says "can I ask, what's metering?" I nearly fell in the lake, intact I very loudly chuckled thinking this had to be a joke but alas, no, not only did she not understand metering, she unfortunately didn't have the faintest idea about the different metering options available on your most basic of DSLRs. Evaluative, Center Weight and Spot metering. I was truly gob smacked!

Problem solved!

So, sitting down with her, I thought I had better just check what she does know, what she had been studying for the past years at university. I was astounded at the limited knowledge, it seems that the majority of the course was spent looking at I images, editing photos using all those tacky filters, the photo's they actually managed to take were then processed in the most ridiculous of styles, then the students had to explain, why they edited the image in a particular way, the would checkout other photographers and write a thesis about the photographer, where has learning photography gone, how can someone receive a degree and not even understand the basics of photography?

My thoughts on this whole new experience for me has provided me with this conclusion!

If you want to learn photography, check out the many professional photographer's that offer workshop's, you'll learn shed loads and my second point is, never, ever offer to provide a wedding photography service, until you can use a camera!

With regards to my teaching day, we covered more in 5hrs than my student had learnt in 2.5yrs and a friend once told me saying, NAFOF!

Never assume, find out first!

Simplifying Photography

So there you have it, this is why I have decided to put together a Hub which will explain in a more simplified way, I felt it was time I put my thoughts into words, for me but hopefully you may enjoy learning from my experience as a full time photographer.


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