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Sketch Photos Sketching An Image

Updated on April 15, 2013
A  Sketch  Photo
A Sketch Photo | Source

A photo turned into a sketch

The lens of a specific camera takes a perfect looking photo, And snaps it into a fabulous drawing style image, so that it looks like it's been sketched,

Photo editing software could be found on your computer, for turning perfect photos

Into wonderful sketched images, you could also search certain websites such as or

if you own an ipod touch, or an Iphone, or a Ipad with a camera

There are some photo sketch apps on the photo&video category that

Could be added, search for photo apps then download the app,

Attentively stumbling throurgh certain sketch websites online and using a webcam

To take some photos is so much the opinion for turning photos into a sketch,

Drawing a sketch photo is simple for a good artist, but for the rest of us,

It takes time and practice, starting of with a normal looking photo

And converting it into a sketch picture using a special camera sketch lens

That is built for converting sketch images, a normal camera is good

For taking the picture, but to convert the image, it has to be

A sketch built camera,

Any type of photo would do using the best quality photos would work alright,

It's probably better using color photos, once the sketch is made

The camera turns the photo into a black and white pencil style image,

If you are a talented artist or a beginer you could maybe

Draw some sketch photos,

It's relatively easy to convert photos to sketches,

But it can be hard to draw the right image when you are

Starting out as an artist.

Drawing A Sketch Photo

1. Sketchbook Paper

2. A Pencil

3, colorful pens

When sketching an image on paper, they are amazing techniques that could be

Learned, as you are building up your drawing skills, it's not a gift, but talent,

Picture a vision of anything that comes to mind,

And practice drawing the exact vision,

If your standing at the window, look outside at

The street corners where artists sometimes sell there paintings,

As you see the people walking by, and the area of the

Neighborhood that you live in, and take a moment to think of

A drawing that could be sketched, it takes time to imagine

Something that you would try and sketch, using a photo is a great way to sketch,

But all you need is a little

Thought, it shouldn't be that difficult to draw a photo when

You get started, having a collection of photos to practice drawing

Is so much the way to go to begin sketching,

Many talented artists start off there careers in there childhood,

Where they develop there drawing skills, as they are trained to draw,

As they become an adult they have a collection of paintings, aswell as

Having years of experience behind them, a talented artist could earn

A wonderful living drawing sketches, and selling there portrait drawings,

People are not always born with talent, it develops as they practice there craft,

There are a number of art bookshops all over the place, try going to one

Off these stores, and study the arts and craft of drawing a sketch photo,

Even going to the library to search for art books would make all

The difference in developing your craft of drawing sketches.

Sketching The Perfect Drawing

Drawing an image that makes your artwork stand out,

Among other artists, if you get your sketch drawings

Displayed at art shows, you would want it to become noticed,

If you enter your sketches into contests, you could win

Excellent prizes, it would be very competitive to win,

Among the thousands of others that enter the competition,

It is possible that your sketch drawing could stand out if you

Put time and practice into your sketches,

If you draw a picture of a tower standing tall with a clear view of the sky

You need to fucus your eyes on that image.

Sketching A Pencil Drawing

Sketch  Pad
Sketch Pad | Source

Drawing In Color

The best part after sketching a photo is having the opportunity in making it

Very colorful, using the same color would work alright,

But you could use as many different colors as you want,

It's like if you paint the walls of a room in bright colors it would

Stand out, it's the same with a colorful drawing.

Drawing A Colorful Image

A  Colorful  Drawing  Style  Photo
A Colorful Drawing Style Photo | Source

A Pencil Drawing In Bright Sunlight

When you take a photo of a person standing outside in a warm day

And then convert that photo into a sketch drawing,

It would show in the pencil style image of the bright sunlight,

Especially if the person is wearing sunglasses,

It comes through in the Photo.

A Photo As A Pencil Drawing

In  Bright  Sunlight
In Bright Sunlight | Source


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