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Sky Lanterns: is it really safe?

Updated on January 7, 2013

The whole month of december is the season where people gather to celebrate christmas and welcoming the new year. We have different ways on how to celebrate holidays. Some of us will buy firecrackers but other people just stayed home and enjoyed singing in the karaoke.

In our city where firecrackers are prohibited, people tend to find ways on how to celebrate the holidays without the flashy firecrackers display thus sky lanterns were created. Sky lanterns are not only used during the holidays season but any occasion that they can apply the lanterns.

Sky lanterns, also known as Kongming Lantern or Chinese lanterns which are used during traditional activities in Asian countries. The parts consist of oiled rice paper attached to a bamboo stick and a waxy flammable material that we are going to lit in order for the lantern to fly. When we lit the fire on the wax it lowers the air density and thus the lantern will rise into the air.

Sky lanterns is also famous among online shoppers since you can access it through an online store. People also are buying it through online because it is affordable and it saves our time and effort. But their are some shops that requires a shipment fee that also doubles the original price of the lantern. The advantages of using the sky lantern includes: saving our time, an alternative material or equipment during a celebration, it is easy to use and you can also make one with few materials needed. But I have heard in in the news that their was a fire were the policemen suspected that it was due to the sky lanterns. According to the witness, they saw a sky lantern falling to the house that started the fire in a particular street. Due to this incident, the policemen did an experiment to fully understand the cause of the fire. They bought a sky lantern and lit the wax but if the wind is strong and you are going to lit the wax, the fire might catch the paper and that is another angle that the policemen are looking. Their second experiment was, when the sky lantern is already flown into the air and for as long as their is fire in the wax it can stay above but when it runs out of fire, we do not know where it will fall. It is scary since it might fall into your house.

In my opinion, sky lanterns can make people happy because it creates a beautiful scene in the sky. But when lighting the wax you should do it when their is minimal wind and you should also use the lanterns on an open space where their are no houses. Although their are people who loves to enjoy and watching the sky lanterns but they have to think of the pros and cons before they will use the sky lanterns.


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