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Soap Making - A Beginners Basic Steps to the Soap Making Process

Updated on July 6, 2011
Soap Making - A Beginners Basic Steps to the Soap Making Process
Soap Making - A Beginners Basic Steps to the Soap Making Process

Hello Beginner Soap Makers.

I want to give you a basic Step By Step Easy Guide on the

"Basic Steps in the Soap Making Process"

For starters on setting up your equipment to getting the trays ready for pouring to safety and curing and cutting bars.

I hope this will help and be informative and please enjoy some of my soap recipes as well.


Soap Making - A Beginners Basic Steps to the Soap Making Process
Soap Making - A Beginners Basic Steps to the Soap Making Process

Soap Making Supplies you will need for your soap making:

  • scales
  • soap-making pan
  • saucepan
  • thermometers
  • glass bowl
  • ingredients
  • Ingredients you will be using:

You will want to:

  • measure out oils
  • preservative,
  • and any extra nutrients
  • Put these into separate containers and set these to the side.

Setting up your Soap making Trays:

  • Line the tray that you will be using with some heavy-duty waxed paper.
  • keep the wax paper 1 inch from the top of the trays on all sides
  • You will definitely need to put on your Safety Goggles and Gloves weigh out the sodium hydroxide and set this aside.You will want to completely away from the work area that you are working in.

  • Measure your water in a 2 quart glass container and put this onto the scale to weight it out.Now add the sodium hydroxide to the water very carefully stirring briskly with a rubber spatula.

  • OK so now you will need to weight out your 8 or 12 quart pan onto your will need to add all of your oils that you will be using in your recipe and then you will want to set this to the side.Put your gloves and goggles on, and slowly pour the lye into the oils, stirring the mixture quickly.

  • Continue to stir quickly in circles and also through the middle of your pan.
  • You will want to do this until you get a trace then you will know your soap is ready to go.

  • Now you will be adding your scents and essential oils, stir this in quickly with your spatula.Do not beat.
  • Do not scrape the pan.
  • Now you will need to cover your molds or tray with a piece of cardboard or wood and also a blanket or tow for about 18 -24 hours.
  • Ok so now you want to pull out some rulers and a paring knife, lightly mark the lines for cutting the large mass of soap into bars. (do not cut all the way through)
  • When you are finished doing this you will want to cut them lengthwise and the cross wise to the bottom of the frame.
  • Now you will carefully peel the bars from the wax paper.Slice a think layer off the top of each bar to remove the powdery white soda ash, and trim any of the uneven edges.and lay the bars in a single layer onto plain brown paper grocery bags or a wicker or rattan place mats.


Thank you so much for stopping by to read my article on Soap Making - Basic Steps of the Soap Making Process for the Beginner. I hope that this will be useful and educational for the beginner soap makings, I will try to post some more recipes soon and hope that you will enjoy those as well.

Please check out my "How to make Goat's Milk Soap Recipe"

Happy Soap Making!!



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