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Simple Steps on How to Make a Sock Panda!

Updated on June 13, 2012

Panda Love

I made this sock panda as requested by my daughter for her boyfriend. Kenneth loves pandas!
I made this sock panda as requested by my daughter for her boyfriend. Kenneth loves pandas! | Source

"Make mine my fave animal, pleassseee."

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Cecile's striped kitty!Simba with his sock monkey buddy!
Cecile's striped kitty!
Cecile's striped kitty! | Source
Simba with his sock monkey buddy!
Simba with his sock monkey buddy! | Source

"Mom, can you make a panda for Ken?"

I wanted just to focus on making sock monkeys, but requests come with an animal they like and love. My favourite animal is a chimpanzee. One of my daughters' animal love is a polar bear. My dog, Simba loves his monkey buddy.

Here are two of the sock animals I have created so far out from imagination and hand-sewn. I am glad that Ken loves his panda which is his favourite animal. The striped kitty I gave to my co-worker Cecile of her love for cats. And I made my furry pet his own sock monkey. What is it going to be next? A polar bear perhaps?

How I Created a Sock Panda

As per Justyne's request to put up some instructions on how to make a panda out from socks, I am trying to squeeze my brain a bit for I have only made 1 sock panda as a special gift. My daughter encouraged me that I can do it and it would be too easy for me. Indeed it was and out from imagination, it came out pretty handsome! :)

Step by Step Instructions on How to Make a Sock Panda

  1. Choose a fuzzy, soft and stretchable socks. I bought black and white pairs to mix-match from a dollar store. I think this sock is available only during the cold season. If it is still out there, you're lucky.
  2. Head and body: Use 1 white sock for the head and body. Cut a pattern similar to a sock monkey but in half leaving the heel part of the sock to become part of the body (as the butt). You will need a black sock for the round tail and legs.
  3. Snout: Use the remaining half of the white sock. Your stitch to seal one opening will become invisible since the sock is fuzzy and will hide the stitches.
  4. Arms with back shoulder: Use half of a black sock for the arms/back shoulder. Cut right above the heel mark leaving the bottom half aside. Now, what you have is the upper half. Make a straight cut right at the center of this upper half leaving 1 ½ inch from the top opening of the sock (don't cut all the way through). This will serve for the upper arms with its back shoulder as one piece.
  5. Ears, eye patches, nose and tail: Use the bottom half of the black sock that you had cut from before. Trim off the heel part (triangular form) for the nose. Make two big ears using the mid section of the sock leaving a small part to make the eye patches. Trim the eye part the way it is supposed to be shaped (half moon or bean-shape). Reserve the toe part for the round tail.
  6. The Legs: Use the other black pair to make the legs. You will only need the lower part to cut in half (exclude the heel, you don't need that). Reserve the scrap for other projects.
  7. Stuffing the body: Since this sock is stretchy, it is convenient to stuff it full to make a rounded body shape. Fill, fill, fill until it's fat and big. Stitch up the bottom opening. Make a running stitch to mark a neck.
  8. Attaching the arms: After determining the neckline, insert the stuffed arms coming down from the head. Carefully, neatly and securely stitch all around it. The front and back (shoulder part) that connects the arms should be nicely stitched onto the white area.
  9. Attaching the snout and the black nose: Now you can attach the full stuffed snout. Make sure to stuff it big and round. Fill in the triangular heel cut-out with cotton and stitch it on the centre top of the snout. For a perfect shape, see one of your stuffed animals with similar noses. Add on a 4-thread stitch for the lips and give it a little smile.
  10. Attaching the ears: Before you add on the eye patches, do the ears first. It will help determine balance later. Stuff and position the nicely arched ears on both sides of the head.
  11. Attaching the eye patches: Balance the size of the eye patches giving 1 inch space in-between. Stitch them neatly shaping closely around the snout line. Add 2 white buttons for eyes.
  12. Attaching the legs and tail: Stuff really well to make them look fat-round. The legs should come out the same thickness as the arms. A panda has a round tail.
  13. Paws: Make 5 pulled stitches for each of the arms and legs to create the paws using a white or black thread. It is up to you. See "sock kitty" photo.

Enjoy your new cuddly sock panda!!!


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    • coffeegginmyrice profile image

      Marites Mabugat-Simbajon 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      You just made me smile, Nomascus! Thanks for the nice comment. Yup, it needs a lot of patience to put 2 hours or less for one hand-sewn sock monkey, but after attaching the last part, the tail, all the time spent on it is worthwhile. My dog is good too, he won't touch the project because he's got one already. *smile* Again, thanks a bunch and have a good day!

    • Nomascus concolor profile image

      Nomascus concolor 5 years ago from A Country called Earth

      Aww the striped kitty is so cute! I love your MoeMonkeys and admire your patience to sew them by hand... you have a lucky dog!!

    • coffeegginmyrice profile image

      Marites Mabugat-Simbajon 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      Hey Justyne! That's nice news that you've made 3 sock monkeys. You'll go bananas over them very soon and you will be making more. I will try to put up a text instruction how I made the sock panda especially for you. Basically, it is the same pattern with the sock monkey, only with tiny additions onto it. Check back my page. Hope to see your creations including the soon-to-be sock panda!

    • profile image

      Justyne 5 years ago

      Hi! Can you please tell me how to make a sock panda! I have made 3 sock monkeys and I have really enjoyed making them. Panda bears are my.most favorite animals!! Please make instructions for a sock panda!!!