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Solar Heat From Pop Cans

Updated on February 10, 2018

Solar Heat Using Free Pop Cans

Free heat using pop cans that can easily be recycled and shaped into a free heat solar panel.

Building Your Own Solar Panels.

Amazingly enough the theory of recycling used pop cans to make a form of renewable energy through solar panels creating yet another brilliant source of solar heat, does exist. A gentleman from Newfoundland has come up with this genius plan for harvesting solar heat by recycling the old cans. The solution that he has come up with is not a difficult construction, yet is strong and durable. Quite an attractive unit.


Heating Costs Are Rising.

With the cost of living on the rise, so is the need for new and creative ideas. The solution for solar energy is solely based on genius inventors who come up with these ideas. When creating these things, like these solar heat panels, their mindset must have considerable intelligence to come up with these inventions that are quite effective, yet practical.

Here is the video that shows the inventor from Newfoundland and his pop can solar heat.


Free Heat Machine

As you can see in the video essentially this unit may be considered a free heat machine. With the recycling of the aluminium cans and the use of other select materials, it looks quite practical and could just be a free heat machine. 

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Does it Really Work?

As I was browsing the Internet on this same subject I came across a similar article to Solar Heat From Pop Cans. Actually it was one of the comments made to the article that caught my attention.

The comment is as follows:

"This system really does work and it works good. To improve upon it would be to fill the cans with dry sand and you would now have bio-mass that will hold the heat after the sun goes down. Adding the sand will also create more heat for heating water by raising the temperature. I have used this system to heat a 24ft above ground swimming pool. Find a small solar panel and a deep cycle battery to run the pump and pay the electric company nothing."

This article can be found here:

………………Thanks for reading……………Phil.

Home-Made Renewable Solar And Wind Energy

Home-Made Renewable Solar And Wind Energy can come in many shapes and sizes. Go green.



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