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Some Famous Photographers

Updated on October 6, 2016


I am a photo enthusiast. I like taking photos on vacation and during family gatherings and some nature scenes such as flowers. It is a rich and visual medium that everyone can appreciate. "A picture is worth a thousand words." Over the years, I have encountered a few professional photographers. They take the passion of photography into the next level. More importantly, they are able to make a profit from this very competitive industry.

- Oct. 2016

My List of Photographers

Jonathan Hyman - A friend I met while volunteering at the 9/11 memorial exhibit. He had taken a large quantity of photographs right after 9/11/2001 all over to memorialize this tragedy. He has since lectured, and written books on his experience.

Herb Chong - A colleague at IBM Research and now works at Bloomberg. His hobby is digital photography of nature. He has exhibited some of his work in local venues. We have a monthly dinner gathering of ex-IBMers where he shows some of his latest works. You can see some of his works here.

Jim Christensen - Another IBM colleague who has retired and now is active in photography. He conducts seminars and teaches his life long experience working with digital imaging. His web site is located here.

Kirk Cypel - A friend from my past who has recently reconnected via Facebook. He is an attorney active in real estate assets management. His other passion is photography. Here is his biography in his own words. Here is some of his body of work.


I was fortunate enough to work in the digital imaging arena during the hay days. Our small group was instrumental in many key discoveries and imaging standards. We had produced numerous patents among our group members. Many of our members are retired but some are still active in various industries and Universities. You can read about their stories here - Image Technologies Group members.

I am also fortunate to meet a few serious photographers. Their passion for this medium comes through in their art. Just want to give them a shout out.


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    • profile image

      farooq haider 15 months ago

      your motif and style to sketch the nature is unbelieveable