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Some Basic Photography Tips for Every Photographer

Updated on July 30, 2013

Photography is a way to capture memories of remarkable times through images. Some people pursue photography as hobby or fun activities whereas some make it their profession. Whatever be the case, people have to have passionate about taking photos.

In fact, taking pictures to capture the remarkable times in a frame is not as easy as what people see, or what it may sound. Anyone can take a picture, but in order to retain the remarkable moments of the photo, it is essential for the professional photographer, or the photographer to know some basics of photography. Amateur photographers who have just started out their career must have a good knowledge about photography. Every photographer should start and follow some simple tips which can be beneficial for them. There are many aspects of photography which every photographer needs to be kept in mind when taking pictures. These tips can come in handy for all major aspects.

5 Basic Tips for Every Photographer

Here are some useful tips for taking pictures

  • Be in a level with the subject

If you hold the camera at the eye level of the subject when taking a picture, the expression can be captured in a wonderful way. This tips comes from my friend Angel, Hong Kong Portrait Photographer. As he works for mostly professional portrait, he understands holding the camera at the eye level is the best. Even if the subject does not look directly at the camera, it does not matter.

  • It does not matter - use flash outdoors

Many believe that flash should be used during night or lack of lighting only. This is not entirely true. During the day time flash can be very useful. You have to use flash when the weather is cloudy. You can also use flash for sunny days if the objects are within a distance of five feet. In case of subjects at more than five feet distance, the full power mode of flash should be used.

  • Clicking in a clutter free area

A picture when clicked with an empty background is better than a busy background. A plain background can help draw the attention away from the object of the picture. Photographers should understand and make it a point to check the background before taking pictures.

  • Keep the distance closer from the subject

If you have a chance to keep the distance from the subject, keep it closer. The photographer should keep the distance from the subject shorter. This can make the pictures more vibrant. Remember, the aim of the photographer is to fill up the space of picture with the object.

  • Create good images by locking the focus

Yes, the focus should be locked, but it is only when the subject is not in the middle of the picture. This tips can be tricky.

The photographer should move himself where he can see the subject in the middle of the image. The photographer should press and hold the shutter button halfway down.After doing this, the camera should be positioned in a way that the subject is not located in the middle of the frame. Once when it is ready, the shutter button should be totally pressed down to capture the picture.

A Video with Quick Photography Tips

Not Enough? Take some courses

Some people may even think that taking photography courses can be useful because some professional photographers can provide feedback to them. The aim of these courses is to spread the knowledge of photography to everyone who have passionate in the art of photography. Hobbyists, amateur photographers, freelance photographers are benefited through detailed practical training, assignments, workshops and feedback from the instructors.

Many photography courses do not only teach the basic techniques, but the course instructors also believe that the attitude and perception is important. They often teach the student the way to look at a subject, scene, or setting and turn them into an outstanding pictures. The students also are trained to have more confidence on their creativity. If the photographers lack of confidence yet have the passion, taking photography courses can be beneficial.


Need Feedback? Join Social Sites For Photographers

There are many benefit of using social websites for photographers, such as Flickr, 500px, Behance, etc. These websites can be outstanding when you choose the proper group. Some websites are generic to all types of photography. Many websites also specialize particular types of photography, such as portrait, interior design, fashion photography. You can find the websites that feature certain type of photography. If you like portrait photography, you can locate a group of it.

The benefits of these social websites can be various. Most of them are free. You can learn how to use the photography equipment, new equipment, special techniques, participate in contests, and so forth. In other words, the benefits are almost unlimited.


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