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Some Simple Web Design Tips That Offer Results

Updated on July 12, 2010

Some Simple Web Design Tips That Offer Results

There's probably much more available information on driving traffic than there is on creating a site that will convert it. It goes beyond that, though, because your site needs to make your visitors, first, want to stay there. Your site's appearance plays a major role in not only retaining the visitors but also making them come back. You know... it kinda sucks, but people will pass judgment on your work, your site, in less than 3 seconds. How tough is that... to make your impression in so short a time. A website that makes it hard to navigate, or is hard on they eyeballs, will not do as well as a site that gets it right. So obviously it's worth it to try and get these things right with your site. And now, we'd like to offer some suggestions you can walk away and use in your business today.

You know, everyone wants everything to be 'instant.' Expectations are beyond reasonable for instant gratification and degree of impatience. There are so many sites and pages, and it seems they cover every topic known to humanity, and then some. There's so much to distract your visitors, and everything else just makes it hard as anything to get people coming back for more.

People generally want answers and solutions, so if you just give them that then you're already ahead of the game. This isn't hard to do if you know what they want and then provide it. So, make your nav easy so they can find what they're looking for, fast. It's imperative you keep up with relevant and timely topics they want to know about, and then give it to them regularly. Next, take some time to get to know your market, and then do what you can to build good relationships.

Navigation is one more thing to keep in mind. Good website design and smooth navigation go together. Visitors should be able to go to your site and easily find exactly what they want. It's not a good idea to push your visitors to click a number of links or make them scroll to the bottom of the page, etc. Instead, give them a clear cut road map on how your site is structured and how they're able to move around. Also, keep in mind that not everyone comes to your site from your home page, as they may find your site through the search engines. Therefore, you'll want to include the page's title and also links on the top or bottom that lead to your site's important pages like your home page, contact page, about page, etc.

Always remember to space out your content so that it doesn't look like lots of unreadable text in one single spot. Make sure you try to keep your content in small chunks that are completely readable and also to use lots of white space between the text you use. In general, people read differently on the web when you compare it to how they read offline. Make sure your content is more scannable.

You should want to have a site that connects with your audience, so now discover what that is and then do it.


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