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Some of the tips for travel photography

Updated on March 28, 2015
Travel photography
Travel photography

Lets start with some of the tips, which if you keep in mind you can drastically improve your photos while travelling.

Make the perspective interesting.

Compared to some other type of photography travelling is great to shoot pictures with a different perspective and view. The only thing you need to do is to spot the opportunity and keep and open mind.

Take more than one photograph of your subject, experiment with different angles, varying exposure, try to create some kind of story and what you will have end is some of the great shots that just came from your camera.

Here is a video that will throw further light on this.

Don't miss the action

From the above line, in simple terms I mean to keep the shutter speed of your camera, else you may miss the details of your subject and its action.

Since you will be photographing real time situation like people boating, cars at speed, birds flying, this becomes an important setting else you will be having only blurred images of your subject.

Shoot when there is sufficient light

Light plays a very important role in photography and we all know that. Never shoot your subject when there is not sufficient light around.

Light, besides increasing the visibility of your subject also enhances the photograph. A photography shot at early morning or evening will be quite different than one shot at afternoon. This is because of the different nature of light at both times.

Choose appropriate lens

With so many different type of photography there are so many different types of lenses. A lens for macro photography will be very different and not suitable for landscape.

A lens for macro photography requires it to be close to the subject, where as one for landscape requires it to be wide.So always keep in mind to carry lens for travel which you thing will suite the kind of photographs you will be taking. (You can also have a look at some of the best camera for travel)

Manual settings are the best

Cameras these days are so advanced that there are hell lot of settings, along with the automatic mode, but you don't have to be tempted to use the Auto mode.

If you want great control on your shot and better photographs, you should invest time in learning the settings and going the manual way rather than reply on your camera.

Here is a quick cheat sheet for the same, credits to:

Scene creates an impact

While photographing your subject, just have a look around it, is there anything that is distracting the attention from your main object ? Is there anything you should include in your scene to make it look more dramatic ?

Although these things require experience but you must keep practicing it from start.


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