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Great Sight to See at the Dentist: A Palm?

Updated on April 17, 2014

A palm is a sight to see at the dentist. The visit to the dentist can be an experience that can keep you in a daze, especially if you live in an area that is filled with desert and cacti or bland cloudy days throughout the majority of the year. Some lifesavers are allocated in many places; including at the dentist's office.

How About a Decorative Plant

Decorative plants have been around for centuries. These imaginative--and not so imaginative--additions to an office setting are attributed from an interior decorator's perspective. Generally, these plants are from the Palmae (Palm Tree) family. Most types of Palm Trees are only grown within the warm regions of the southern United States and in California. South America has them, as well.

In addition, the palm comes with palmates or fan-shaped leaves; and the ones having pinnate (feather-shaped) leaves--providing many attributes that should encourage a visit to the dentist.

Dentists Want to Give You a Break

In the other portion of this scene, the dentist contributes to your experience, too. Those wonderful days and moments, involving visiting the dentist, are filled with injections and entertaining episodes of waiting... waiting to get into the doctor's chair and waiting for the effects of the operations and medical treatments adhered to during the dental visit.

Enjoy the Palm

As for the dentist, his building can enjoy the appreciation by becoming surrounded by these forms of landscaping. Landscaping and interior decorating are still one of the unspoken wonders of the domesticated world. For example, these elite figures: The Windmill Palm. This palm is a fast growing, cold hardy palm that is considered the best, but it is a big one. Another type of palm is the European Fan palm; this low maintenance addition will grow indoors and it is not small either. Next, the mistake free palm, is the drought tolerant Sago palm tree. As it states, the Sago palm is brilliant just by existing. Lastly, the most amazing Silver Saw Palm. This tree is actually silver in color and will survive indoors, as well.

In relation to the palm, this tree comes in small sizes too. The selection of palms are abundant and a joy to gander through. These plants can grow both inside and outside, but is not a fern; so don't make it suffer. Allow it to be placed outside for some well deserved sunshine.​See, there are too many reasons to notice the palm at the dentist.


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