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Stained glass tools can help save time

Updated on December 29, 2011

Stained Glass Tools You'll Love

For someone new to the hobby of stained glass, tools that are available can definitely boggle the mind. While many professionals eventually learn to make stained glass windows and panels without the help of a bunch of small hand tools, the beginner artist will definitely discover that there are a few accessories and stained glass supplies that are worth their weight in gold. Fortunately, most of these tools won't cost you an arm and a leg and the mone you spend on them will pay itself back by letting you charge more money for higher quality artwork when you sell your stained glass.

Copper Foil Dispenser and Other Stained Glass Tools

Copper foiling is not an extremely easy task to master quickly. One has to focus on centering the glass on the foil to get an even section of foil on each side of the glass - all while trying not to let the foil twist over on itself and wreak havoc on the sanity of the artist! Fortunately there are two tools that can help prevent you from going crazy while learning to foil.

A copper foil dispenser is a must have and should cost less than $10. These stained glass tools hold up to 8 rolls of foil at once (vertically). Each slot has a hole near the bottom to allow foil through. Because the base is sturdy, as you use up more copper foil, the roll will slowly unravel and supply more foil for your use. The amount of excess is determined by the distance from the dispenser to your hands so minimizing this will prevent the foil from twisting up on itself.

A copper foiling aid is a tool that is designed to help get a perfectly centered piece of foil in the glass. Even and centered foil is the trick to great solder lines in your finished stained glass, whether it's a suncatcher or a window or panel. The foil guide unravels the foil and automatically lines up the glass perfectly. Just spin the piece of glass through the guides and snip the foil at the end and you're almost guaranteed a perfect foiling job!

Stained glass tools can help create beautiful pieces of art!

Made with many great stained glass tools
Made with many great stained glass tools

Best Stained Glass Grinders For Sale

Grinders - the most important stained glass tools

For the leaded stained glass artist, a grinder is an optional accessory, but for any other technique, it is a must have! A grinder is basically a diamond coated cylindrical bit that sits and spins above a flat surface. This stained glass tool helps even out the edges of pieces of glass and also shapes every piece to the desired pattern.

A stained glass grinder is only $80 to $120. This might seem like a substantial amount of money at first, but it can easily pay for itself in no time. Fortunately, one does not need to spend a lot of money on a grinder. Just get one with the bare-bones options and it will do everything any stained glass beginner (or intermediate) artist will need!


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    • clefty profile image

      clefty 8 years ago from Canada

      I would likely try online first. There are many sellers of tools. Try and search for tools and you'll find some relevant information!

    • SwampCatNana profile image

      SwampCatNana 8 years ago from Boston

      Anyone in the Boston area who knows where to buy stained glass tools?