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Stamping on Fabric Craft Project Ideas

Updated on January 5, 2014
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Rose is a full-time freelance writer who frequently writes about education, special education, DIY projects, food, Milwaukee, and more.

Stamped and stitched butterfly on a onesie.
Stamped and stitched butterfly on a onesie. | Source
Just a few things you can make with stamped fabric.
Christmas ornaments
Gift tags
Gift wrap
Greeting cards
Pillows or pillow cases
Tissue cases
Wall hangings and other decor

Stamping on fabric is a relatively simple, inexpensive technique that adds a great element to your craft projects. The supplies are readily available, and the possibilities are endless. No matter what type of craft passion you have, you will find a way to work this method into your current endeavors. The tutorials and ideas here will provide inspiration for you to personalize your own projects. Happy crafting!

Select stamps that will offer an appropriate size ratio for the project of your choosing.
Select stamps that will offer an appropriate size ratio for the project of your choosing. | Source

Video Tutorial: Stamping on Fabric

Stamping on Fabric

Tips for Stamping on Fabric

  • Consider the type of project. The most important factor for choosing materials to use for stamping on fabric is the kind of project that you are creating. For example, a garment that a young child will wear on a regular basis and that will require washing most likely will not necessitate the same type of ink or paint that a Christmas ornament or gift tag requires. While the type of project may not lead you to your final materials choices, it will start you in the right direction.
  • Stamping ink vs. paint. While some projects clearly require one medium over another, there is no magic formula for choosing materials. It will take time and some degree of trial and error to determine what works best for you.
  • When it doubt, follow the directions. When you are completing a project for the first time, it is considered best practice to follow the directions for a particular tutorial and/or a particular medium (i.e. an ink pad specifically designed for non-washable fabric items). You can make modifications as needed from there.

Stamping on Fabric (Two Peas In A Bucket)

Stamping on Fabric Craft Projects

  • Christmas ornaments. You can apply this concept for all sorts of holidays and occasions as well as types of décor. For example, I like to make "ornaments" that I can hang from my window latches for holidays.
  • Clothing. You can create patterns with stamps, decorate an entire garment with a single stamp randomly (i.e. a skirt filled with birds), or use a single stamp to add a little detail. It is always important to pay attention to the fabric that you're using. Some fabrics are much more conducive to popular fabric inks than others. Check out tutorials for baby clothes and products (i.e. burp cloths) and high-waisted skirts, Once you get the technique down for particular fabrics, you'll be able to customize this concept virtually any way that you like.
  • Gift tags. For those who enjoy quick craft projects, gift tags are a great option. You can make them as simple or complex as you like. Check out tutorials from Shabby Art Boutique and A Spoonful of Sugar Designs.
  • Gift wrap. The past couple years I've been taken with the idea of creating or seeking out wrapping options for gifts that you don't have to throw away. A plain piece of fabric will work just fine, but many people like to decorate it a little first. Stamping is a great option.
  • Greeting cards. I have included one example for stamping on fabric for a greeting card, but there are many examples online for all different holidays and occasions. This is a great way to use up little fabric and ribbon scraps from other projects.
  • Pillows or pillow cases. This post has a great round up of resources for decorating both pillows and pillow cases with stamps, including non-conventional stamps, such as seashells.
  • Tissue cases. Tissue cases are a simple sewing project. They make great, practical party favors and small gifts.
  • Wall hangings and other décor. A wall hanging can be a nice alternative to a greeting card sized design. Crafters recommend 100% cotton, unbleached muslin, and calico. Freeze Frame has a great tutorial.

Additional Ideas

  • Embossing. This is one of those techniques that seems obvious as soon as you see it. If you can emboss ink on paper, why not give it a try on fabric? It is not any trickier on fabric, and the effect will wow everyone.
  • Embellishing. One of the neatest aspects of learning a new craft technique is being able to combine it with other techniques. Many people opt to embellish their fabric stamped images with sewing stitches and/or beads. Of course you don't need to feel limited to these ideas.
  • Using bleach instead of ink or paint. This is another simple technique that is genius to apply to stamping. Bleach gel can be a better option than liquid. Don't forget to clean your stamps thoroughly afterward.

Stamping and Coloring w/ Copics on Fabric


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