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Steampunk Arm

Updated on April 24, 2017

How To - Make a Steam Punk Arm for CHEAP! 2

What are Steampunk Arms?

Steampunk arms are artistic pieces of armor that are hand made by steampunk enthusiasts. They are made from both found and constructed pieces of mixed media including but not limited to metal, plastic and glass.

Some stemapunk arms are basic and others are very elaborate.

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The Basics of a Steampunk Arm

Steampunk arms come in all shapes and sizes... they can be made to simulate armor or a robotic type look. The sizes can very from a wrist size to a full arm and up over the shoulder. Some creators of these steampunk arms include vials of liquid to simulate nuclear physics or science fiction contraptions.

The wonderful thing about creating a steampunk arm is the your imagination can create anything and as long as it is industrial looking with some Victorian flare you are within the realm of steampunk.

If you are not sure how to start you first project it is helpful to look online at what others are doing to get some inspiration. Start out with a leather glove and start embellishing it with pieces of metal to cover fingers, like hand armor and go from there. The sky is the limit. If you are experienced in metal work or chain-mail you can incorporate many items to make a unique steampunk arm piece.


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