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Stencil Graffiti | How To Make Money From

Updated on April 17, 2013
Paper Monster Stencil
Paper Monster Stencil | Source

What Are Stencils?

Stencils are created by cutting out a design from a plastic sheet, metal, or cardboard. People often use this to create patterns, designs, images, letters, and other pictures as a form of art and hobby. This design is then transferred on to another surface. In essence, what you create is a design print which can be used over and over again. (If you immediately saw money signs after this last statement, then this article is definitely for you!)

Stencil Service

Although stencils are often used as a form of graffiti and street art, one can use them to decorate. Many people prefer to decorate wall borders or creating beautiful patterns on cabinet doors. This can come very useful; especially since many businesses, organizations, and individuals prefer to hold a very attractive location for their services. Best of all, once your stencil template is created, you can use it over and over for different services.

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Do I Need to Be a Skilled Artist?

In order to create a stencil, you do not have to be a skilled artist, but it would greatly help if you know the basics of photo editing. It is well worth investing some time to learn this process because it forces you to think outside the box and you will then hold unlimited potential to earning case from unique templates. On the other hand, if you are too lazy to create a stencil then I would advice going to and printing out templates. However, for business purposes, I would greatly encourage you to learn the use of such editing software.

Sound of Stenciling

Stenciling Techniques

After the stencil is created, one can color it using a variety of substances and methods. Paint and Ink are the preferred substances. This can be brushed, pressed, or sprayed onto the stencil surface. Practice will make you perfect. Before you begin to sell, make sure your skills are fully honed. This is also an excellent opportunity to experiment with multi-layered stencils. By creating multi-layered stencils, you are opening an entire new spectrum of opportunity for your ideas and techniques-this means money!


These are the materials needed for start-up.

  1. X-acto Knife
  2. Printer
  3. Tape
  4. Adhesive Spray
  5. Image editing software
  6. Spray Paint
  7. Paper

Quality Over Quantity

Although these materials are cheap, and may even be found at your home, you should experiment with a variety of other materials as well for best results. For instance, spray-adhesive is not required, but it is recommended. Without its use, you are putting yourself at risk of lifted edges and this can potentially ruined your art-work. Another case may be the type of paper you use. Some paper may be cheap and flimsy, which will give you a pain to work with. Other paper is so hard, that it becomes near impossible to cut. Find your perfect match. Last but not least, it is crucial that you purchase a decent type of spray paint. This will deliver a more even and finished look, as opposed to $1.00 spray-paint which is cheap and will not deliver same color. I would recommend Montana Spray Paint.

Practice Stenciling

In order to practice, I would suggest buying those dollar spray paints and taping regular print paper with clear tape or manila office folders. This will be a perfect opportunity to hone your skills with cheap material.
Once your work starts to look sellable, you can look at a variety of options to sell your work. Many people like to start selling at Etsy, for the simple process. Other people prefer interacting with their clients in person and may look at a local swap-meet (Flea-Market) or Craigslist for an opportunity to sale.

Stencil Template Storage

Do not forget to save all your templates, and drafts, on your computer. You never know when this may come in handy. Especially if your skills grow over a period of time and you decide to return and re-touch old projects.

Stencil Tutorial

Why Sell Stencils?

So you ask again- Why use stencil graffiti? Simple, if you want to create a design that you are able to use over and over then go with a stencil. Not only does this save you time in the long run, but it also helps you spray paint an image within seconds. Plus, the start-up cost in stencil business and services is minimal. With a variety of clients waiting at your doors, there is truly no limit to the potential of selling stencil services.


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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Great article, the adhesive spray will be a game changer for me!

    • profile image

      flow art inspire 

      2 years ago

      Well done article. I think this would be a fabulous addition to create pieces from artwork that seems not yet complete. Those canvases that I have been staring at for months wondering what they need to be completed. The photoshop tutorial, although very fast, was really great. What about copywrite information on photos....if using them from the web, is there something that you can add to this post about property rights?


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